Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Begging for Scholarship: Malaysian Indian again!!! Pavum

Well this is what “HINDRAF” fighting for. Our Indian students treated like third class students. They are not recognized even if they have a very good academic and extra curricular record. They and their family look like a beggar in the eye of Gov.

I am sick with this begging kind of thing. Is this what they call keTuanan Mly? Do they want Indians beg for everything in this country? Begging from “Tuan Tuan dan Puan Puan”?

What different is there from begging in the street and begging from Gov. Begging is still begging!!! Malaysians please put an end to this trend. Lets everybody treated equally. All those scored straight As must be given scholarship. Otherwise, what’s the point having exams? If scholarships given based on race, it’s better not to grade them at all.

“Humans” , we came from one source and one race “Homo sapiens”. Malaysia never existed million years ago, all this race never existed millions years ago. And we don’t even know whether all this man made territory and race system will exist in another million years in future (it won’t). Human might even extinct from the surface of earth. Baca laaa science beb!

Then why all these arpatams / havocs???

“Do good while you can! Once death, not even your soul belongs to you.

By: vj


"TWO classmates, both having scored 10As in last year's Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, are dejected after their applications for JPA scholarships were turned down for the second time.
The two, Venushia Chandran and Preshaantini Ponnaiah, were among the best students from SMK Puteri in Seremban but were shocked to find out their application was rejected recently.
Their parents had sought the assistance of Putera MIC coordinator P. Kamalanathan after learning of the rejection.M. Shanthi said that the family had high hopes that Venushia would be successful following the appeal." Qouted from Star, Date :Tuesday June 17, 2008

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