Friday, June 13, 2008

Fuel price hike, Poverty and Malaysia: The Root Cause

Fuel price hike is still a main topic every where, almost everybody I met, they talk and discuss about this issue everyday. Many decided to fix NGV. Another extra burden they have to bear before able to save some money.

Sincerely telling, even though I don’t agree with the fuel price hike but when I think about the future and nature, price increase is necessary. Want or not one day we will run out of petroleum. Then what we goanna do??? To reduce the usage of fossils fuel, price hike is good step to take but of course not a drastic increase.

We are already in a system which we are too dependent on fossil fuels until we can’t cope with the change when these resources getting lesser and expensive. We are not prepared to face the reality that one day the entire petrol base machine will be landing on junk yard. Gov must be prepared and prepare the people 1st to face the change before takes any action that makes life extremely difficult. They must not blindly increase the price to patch up their past mismanagements.

Actually this energy crisis will not happen if only Gov took a serious action long ago. There are many alternative source of energy like solar and wind which is not developed and commercialized. This energy remains as a display thing in science exhibition. Trust me they have good potential and many other countries already using it extensively.

(Photo shows world largest solar power plant in Mojave)

Mismanage of resources, lack of future planning and inability to forecast future problems in Malaysia ended up as burden on people’s shoulder. A leadership with “pocket” enriching mind definitely won’t have these kinds of good skills. We need good leaders who actually can take us out of this miserable situation. We need a leader who has good leadership skills, general knowledge, respects people’s opinion and discuss any matters thoroughly with everybody before make any decision.

So actually it’s not the world’s market price, US , Iraq or anything else that caused the people’s suffering today, all these comes second, the real root cause is poor leadership and poor governing. Just like drastic fuel price hike, a drastic reform in our country's leadership must take place!!! ;)

Malaysia Boleh!!!


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