Friday, June 27, 2008

ISA : A Curse on Malaysia

Another 2 years for so called JI members (Malaysiakni) and altogether will be 8 years in ISA. This is total insane. While many criminal having a good time out there harming people. These innocents are living in man made hell.

I really regret that such a unfair law exist in this country. Truly speaking I myself feel unsecured and not safe when such law practiced here. Prosecution without trial or proven wrong is totally unacceptable. As far as I know, never in any religion written that a man or living thing can be punished without a fair judgement (even God have his judgement day for us, many believed). Divine power will never forgives us if we support and continue such laws.

All this is just like another "Mahsuri" legend (well history used to repeat itself rite). A prosperous land destroyed after cursed by a women who is prosecuted for the crime she never commit. Imagine amount of curse put on our country by the victims and the family of detainees. Their agony and sufferings....we Malaysians have to answer them one day. Perhaps the gloomy economy, rising in living cost, poverty and etc in a country blessed with natural richness might be due to our silence on the injustice done......We are digging our own grave!!!

"Great nations is not recognized by it's tallest building , biggest temple, biggest mosque, beautiful country, modernized towns or anything else that we might think great, but it rely on how their citizens treated."



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