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Malay or Malaiyur?? Part 2

Some responds I got from my friends. Check out what they know about origin of "Malaysia" or "Malay" name. I am getting clearer picture how sanskrits words can be found in almost all language of the world.


Hi all,
There is another hypothesis of how the word "malay"or rather "melayu" came about.
We all know that the Indian Traders landed in this region much earlier than what is reported in our history books, so during the migration of indians to this land, usually the sailor uses the mountain as the guide to the shore. Obviously, because it is the most visible thing. No high tech gadgets yet.
The hypothesis says that the first group of southern indian actually landed in Telok Anson (now called Teluk Intan) guided by the Titiwangsa mountains ( where cameron highland sits) into the Perak State. They did not know where is this place so they just gave a name called: Malai Oor- Land of Mountain! Thereafter,more and more people started to come here.This also explains why around Teluk Intan, Slim River, Ipoh ( along Sungai Perak) area are densed with Indian descendents.
From the hypothesis, we can say that, Indians gave the name " Melayu" to Malay,Malaya, Melayu and so on....
Any other opinions?Teluk Intan people?



Hare Krsna! Everyone.

Malaysia's origin is found in the Srimad Bhagavatham (one of the important
18 purana) written by Sage Vyasa some 5000 years back.Back then it was known
as 'Malayasyeva candanam'. Major sandalwood producer. Infact for the whole
world was known as 'Bharata' or Bharat-varsa' which is India now.So
Bharata-varsa means not only India, but the whole planet.

Srimad Bhagavatham

1.Canto 1 Chapter 8 Verse 32

2.Canto 1 Chapter 3 Verse 23

Exerpts frm Srila Prabhupada's lecture at Los Angeles, April 24, 1973

Why Does The Unborn Take Birth"
Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.8.32

kecid ahur ajam jatam
punya-slokasya kirtaye
yadoh priyasyanvavaye
malayasyeva candanam

"Some say that the Unborn is born for the glorification of pious kings, and
others say that He is born to please King Yadu, one of Your dearest
devotees. You appear in his family as sandalwood appears in the Malaya

Prabhupada: So there are two Malayas. One Malaya hill and one, this
Malaya... Malaysia, now it is known as. Formerly, in this part of the world,
Malaysia, they were growing sandalwood in great, large scale. Because 5,000
years ago, there was good demand for sandalwood. Every person should use the
sandal pulp. Because in India, it is tropical country. So this is a good
cosmetic. Still, those who can afford during very warm day of summer season,
if you apply pulp of sandalwood on your body, you feel no warm. It is cool.

Similarly Krsna appeared in the dynasty of Maharaja Yadu just to glorify. He
was a great devotee of Krsna, and He is born in the family of Maharaja Yadu.
The whole family is celebrated still: Yadava. Krsna's name is Yadava,
because He took His birth in the Yadu family. So how is it that, that Krsna
took...? Now to glorify the family. Exactly, the example is given: Just like
malayasyeva candanam. Candana. This is a tree. A tree can grow anywhere, but
the sandalwood tree, because it is very prominent in the Malaysia country,
formerly they were growing this candana tree, as I told you, because there
was good demand, in India especially, of sandalwood. So they, nowadays they
are growing rubber tree because there is good demand for rubber


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