Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Malaysia: Body Snatching continues

Don’t religious authorities of Malaysia have respect on the dead person??? What a big deal if he is Muslim or Hindu??? . While living, a man has hundred and one problems in life, why make him suffer after dead??? Please let the dead rest in peace!!!

Once a Chinese man told me, “In Malaysia they don’t want all the good brains from non-muslim, non-muslims with talent have to find opportunities them self. Many already migrated because frustrated with discrimination and opportunity given base on skin color and race….but the religious authorities will fight to dead to get the dead body of non-muslims to bury them as muslim”.

What he said is quite right. Just see how many of Chinese and Indians are given scholarship to continue their studies,. Even if they have 10 As , they have to beg to get a place in university and scholarship. Many didn’t get anything at all. Many Indians family sold their house and all their properties to send their kids for Medical studies in overseas. Many have done it with their own sweat.

What else can I say, those involve in body snatching should feel shame of themselves to get such a remarks from people of this country.



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