Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Malaysia : Temple demolition again???

"Residents in Air Panas, Setapak in Kuala Lumpur are worried that their 40-year-old Hindu temple would be demolished by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) to make way for development project.

The deadline given by the DBKL for the temple to relocate expired today and despite their appeals to be allowed to remain there, the residents now fear that they are going to lose the temple." Quoted from Malaysiakini.

This is never ending issues in Malaysia. Why can't gov seriously sit down together with all the Hindu leaders and find a permanent solution for this matter??? Is it so difficult until we can't settle this thing???

(Huk Huk Huk....typing while having terrible cough.... :( vicks teraphy doesn't work with me. Must try again. )

Okay, in my opinion its so simple. Just like a "surau/small prayers house" and masjid/mosque for every housing area in malaysia why don't gov allocate lands for temples too?? Don't have to allocated one for every housing area, just 1 for every 3 or 4 housing area?? Should be okay what!!! Why getting unnecessary bad name from makkal.

Gov can approve all the existing temple build till today and put up rules that new temple will be build for every 3 or 4 housing area. Don't agree??? Then come out with something that can solve this prob permanently.

Indians generally are very spiritual orientated and they are strictly following rukun negara "KEPERCAYAAN KEPADA TUHAN" . So I think for upholding this national principle and being patriotic citizen, Indians deserves a good place to conduct prayers.

Guysss, this earth is not even a dust in the whole universe. We don't even know our location in the map of universe. Arguing that this land is mine and that land not yours....hehehe, I dont know how many aliens out there are laughing at us.


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