Saturday, June 28, 2008

Malaysian Indians Insulted by BN State Assemblyperson

This is what we are talking about, not only Malaysian Indians are neglected and discriminated, they are also not respected and often ridiculed for their skin color, cultural belief and religion.

Finally its comes out from their heart!!!

To Hamidah Osmah Sungai Rapat BN state assemblyperson : Your statement shows how sick is your heart. Keep your sorry in your pocket. You are not fit to represent Malaysians.

We Indians demand that BN takes severe disciplinary action on this irresponsible lady. We are watching and counting every word and action done by BN. Every hurting counts and be prepared for another political tsunami in next election.

Well MIC what are you guys going to do??? As usual will plan to keep quite to please your political partner???




vasantarao appalasamy said...

yea VJ..
what u f asked MIC is correct..
they have never voice bout indians rights....
Even Putera MIC also keeping quite on this matter..
what the points MIC for indians....??

bmahendran said...

the picture damn funny :P

Vj said...

MIC , do press conference and pressss this lady.

I am laughing too seeing this picture kekeke!!!

Name : Townguy said...

good job my friend , What malay think of we indains ,

Dulu megah angkat keris , now with makkal sakti , they not even larat to
survive with heavy opposition PMs attendance in Dewan rakyat .