Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No rebate For NGV cars : Respond from a Friend.

Respond from a friend for previous writing on NGV not getting rebate:

"You are already gaining by using a very much cheaper fuel. Why still complain ?"

Well my answer is:

If you save your petrol cost by traveling less, and gov says "so ur petrol consumption very less so we lift the subsidy for u". How is it? ;) . Its same situation for ngv user. Somemore there is no NGV station in many places and we need to use petrol too. Can't we all see that they don't encourage people to install ngv ;) .

They cheating malaysians laaa to make money. Why thailand gov give incentive for whoever install ngv??? Why malaysian gov never open mouth, ask malaysian to pasang ngv? Ada udang disebalik batu lerrr ni.

In addition, do you guys know what will happen? People will install NGV, but they won't go to JPJ for checking. Basically in JPJ they will use a special device for checking leakage and checking whether installation done properly or not. Just imagine if people never go for checking in JPJ after install NGV just to get RM625 rebate and there is a leakage?? ....and you are driving behind the car. Hehehe....meletup laa apalagi!!!




rujjcoomarh said...

Adding to the reply from VJ.

When we actually calculate the rebate RM625 which is given by the government, we will find that its not enough. So in support of NGV currently Petronas is the only one who offers NGV gas refuel. NGV is much more environmental friendly and cheaper just like how VJ said. However the problem with NGV is, your engine will not be able to produce that energy capacity like how petrol does. Which means for more power you still need petrol to run your car but of course the usage will be lesser. Narrowed down, we still need to fill petrol.

In the act to encourage usage of NGV, government should subsidise for NGV users as well. Throwing comments saying that we are NGV users and we dont deserve that subsidy then you are wrong. We are all taxpayers (Non Malays are the highest tx payers in Malaysia) and we deserve to enjoy the privilege provided by government.

Fair enough?

Two cents.

Vj said...

Yess! Very true rujj.