Sunday, June 15, 2008

Proton car allergic with NGV??? :P

I dont understand why Proton edar don't want to recognize NGV installation.

Can proton edar pay the extra fuel cost to this person???

I am using NGV for 2 years and as far as i know fixing NGV doesn't change or interfere with the system of the car but only additional parts added and as NGV is friendly to environment, it's also friendly to car engine. Less carbon, clean fuel makes car engine last longer.

If Proton edar can't recognize other NGV installer, why don't they setup their own installation centre??? Is Proton edar not capable to provide this simple technology???

Out there even a normal mechanic can fix NGV system. What about proton edar? Ehhmm. I am wondering if National car can survive the future.

As a normal rakyat I only can conclude that people in power only keen to make profit by not encouraging NGV installation. More petrol sale, more profit, more personal income and more suffering for rakyat rite!!!

This is a form of customer abuse. Maybe we should start thinking of boycotting National car.

Can somebody raise this issue in parliament or do something about it???


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Subject: RE: Proton Edar Web Enquiries : Customer
To: Raja (Not real name)

Dear Raja,

With regards to your enquiry, any modifications on the vehicle will void
the warranty. For your information, we do not have any authorized NGV
installer. Kindly take note. Thank you.

Best Regards, Centre
Proton Edar
1-300-880-888(General Enquiry & Feedback)
1-800-888-398(24Hours Assistance)

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Subject: Proton Edar Web Enquiries : Customer

This enquiries has been send on Wed, 11 Jun 2008 10:08:54

I recently purchase Waja Campro in Oct 2007 with 5 year extented
warranty. With the Fuel Price
increase, I want to use NGV gas. My questions :-
a) Is there any warranty problem if I install NGV.
b) Is there any authorised Proton installer for NGV.

Thank You

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