Monday, June 30, 2008

Restructuring Wealth, Facts and Figure: Betul ke niii???

First time reading this announcement in malaysiakini, its sounds like nothing wrong with it. But when I go through 2nd time, i feel something wrong with the facts. Following are my doubts :

1. What is the source of this facts/data?? How did these facts collected?
Can ministry enlighten us how this data collected?

2. Are you sure average indians salary is RM3,799 and bumiputra
to RM2,858? How is this possible when for past 50 years Indians being at the bottom of the society with very very low of university intake, opportunity denied in gov sector as well as private sector and majority working in low paid job???

3. Bumiputra 19.4 corporate equities , Indian 1.1 and chinese 42.4 percent. Total 62.9 percent. So who own the rest of 37.1 percent??? Any economic expert can help us???

4. Out of so called 19.4 corporate equities own by bumiputras, how many percent is own by "orang asli" or indigenous people of peninsular Malaysia and how many percent own by Malay race?

5. How many millions allocated to uplift Indians community?

Catch you haaa!

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