Sunday, June 8, 2008

“RM2.70” story

I am one of the user of pasir gudang “highway” (actually not fit to be called highway hehehe) even though not everyday, once in a while I need to use this “Super highway”.

Everybody knows well that this Super Highway of JB always down with traffic jam and this is going on for many many years. Hmmm! Memang sakit for the users, in the mid off struggling in the jam which already cost them high fuel usage and now new headache emerged...“RM2.70”.

I know there is a highway being build from Senai to PG (ada tol beb), at least the “Malaysian gov” should hold raising fuel price until problems like this massive traffic jam to be solved 1st.

If we all still remember, we already gone through fuel price hike many times before but road condition, massive jam and public transport never improve. ;)

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