Friday, June 6, 2008

Tamil Schools

Well finally some radical move is being done to improve our tamil schools. This is good news and I hope it's not just written on paper but really implemented. Tamil Schools is our heritage and symbol of Indians existence on this land. If MIC want to make a come back in Malaysian political arena after the shocking defeat in 12th GE, this is one of the best channel "Tamil Schools". Go all out and reach out, besides gov there is many NGOs willing to help out. Make our schools a role model for others.

The end of wisdom is freedom.
The end of culture is perfection.
The end of knowledge is love.
The end of education is character.

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1. THE National Land Finance Cooperative Society (NLFCS) is willing to give land to eight Tamil schools

2. KUALA LUMPUR, May 27 (Bernama) -- The Education Ministry has agreed in principle to the conversion of all partially-aided Tamil schools into fully-aided schools in stages. Out of the total 524 Tamil schools, 322 were partially-aided and the rest fully-aided.

3. Some RM40 million was allocated by the government to rebuild a number of schools.

4. Deputy Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister YB Kohilan Pillai, in his statement to Malaysia Nanban, a tamil daily that his Ministry had identified 7 tamil schools that located in estates nationwide. RM 100 million have been allocated to that schools from his ministry. This sum will be distributed to those schools in 5 years period.

5. THE STAR - Thursday April 24, 2008 : KUALA LUMPUR: Tenders to refurbish or upgrade 40 Tamil schools will be issued by the Works Ministry next month. Works Minister Datuk Mohd Zin Mohamed said work on the projects, worth RM41.5mil in total, would start in July. The allocation for the projects is from the Finance Ministry (RM30mil) and Education Ministry (RM11.4mil).


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