Saturday, June 14, 2008

Teddies or Bomb???

I call upon all bloggers and Internet community to put up anti ISA badge in your blog and web page to condemn this inhuman law. Just any form of anti isa graphic can laa. I pity the 48 kids, how come they got heart to ignore them. Did they carried a bomb??? After all a teddy bear!!! . Damm. If people in power don't have mercy, let us show our support.

"The intention of 48 children of ISA detainees to present Father's Day gift of teddy bears to the Agong was dampened by the police and a no-show from palace representatives.


Chanting "Daulat Tuanku", the children carrying teddy bear bouquets accompanied by about 30 adults were stopped from approaching the palace by police who formed a barricade 50 meters from the palace gates at around 10.40 this morning." Qouted from Malaysiakini

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