Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Anwar may face arest tommorow : Will history repeat itself ?

Anwar Ibrahim could face arrest when he goes to the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters tomorrow to have his statement recorded on the sodomy allegation against him.

A decade ago mass demonstration held by almost 4000 supporters in the heart of KL city protesting on arrest of Anwar Ibrahim. Will history repeat itself again tomorrow or in a coming days?

With bigger number of supporters than before and backed up with all the leading opposition leaders , the arrest could be a disaster for country.

Just imagine if all the 20, 000 people who turn up for anti fuel hike rally comes down to the street.

PKR party information chief Tian Chua said to malaysiakini today "It is surprising that they have resorted to such actions. If they arrest Anwar, we will have no choice but to take to the streets,"

Just like yesterday's unwise action of putting up roadblocks that angered public. Arresting Anwar will only invites trouble for the ruling gov. Political suicide I guess.

Read riot flash back below.



Anwar's sentence greeted by riots

Source :

The Examiner : International News

RIOT police fired tear gas and water cannons at thousands of demonstrators who took to the streets of the Malaysian capital yesterday in protest at the jailing of sacked Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

The British government said the trial "gives real cause for concern" and international human rights groups condemned the verdict.

Amnesty International said the charges against Anwar were a "pretext to remove him from further participation in public life," and called him a prisoner of conscience.
Following a banner saying "Mahathir's Frame-up. Anwar Is Innocent," a march of 3,000 people went from the National Mosque to the Kuala Lumpur court where Anwar was convicted of corruption and sentenced to six years in prison.

Anwar has repeatedly denied the charges against him and said Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad was behind a political conspiracy to crush the challenge to his leadership.
By mid-afternoon, about 4,000 Anwar supporters brought traffic on several city centre streets to a standstill.

Office workers returning from lunch were forced to duck into buildings and parking garages as protesters lit bonfires, overturned rubbish bins, smashed car windows and hurled rocks at police.

Dozens of demonstrators were roughed up and at least one person taken to hospital after police hit them with batons. Police said 18 people were arrested. Calm was restored by nightfall, though police trucks remained on guard. There were gasps in the courtroom when the sentence was read. The term was longer than most anticipated and effectively bars Anwar from politics for five years after his release from prison.

Anwar turned to reporters in the courtroom, shrugged and said, "Are you surprised? I'm not."

"My body may be incarcerated, but my soul is free. I will miss my family, especially the little one," he said.

Azizah Ismail, Anwar's wife and now the leader of his political movement, fought tears outside the court.

"We've been trained to hope that a struggle requires sacrifice," she said.

"Our family is sad. My children are deprived of their father. But we don't regret. We feel proud with my husband's stand and the principle we all fight for. We still maintain that Anwar Ibrahim is innocent, that he's become a victim of political conspiracy."
Anwar's conviction could make him a martyr behind bars. He is already a rallying point for the opposition groups challenging Mahathir's rule.

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