Monday, July 21, 2008

DNA Grows Old and Dies: Only in Malaysia

PM comment on DNA really made me laugh. “DNA too old” Says PM…..Hahahaha!....good joke. Next time he might say the specimen died already so they need new one....New kampong scientist...aiyo aiyo!

Some useful info for our dear PM.

What is DNA?

The human body is composed of billions of cells of many different types i.e. blood cells, hair, skin, bone, muscle cells, heart, lung, spleen. Almost all cells contain a nucleus (except the red blood cell) and within the nucleus of each cell is an identical copy of a persons DNA. Because of this DNA from a persons blood will be the same as that found in their saliva or hair roots. Half of our DNA is inherited from our mother and half from our father. Except for identical twins, each persons DNA is unique.

What is DNA profiling?

Even though each persons DNA is unique, with current technology it is not practical to look at each difference. Currently in the laboratory we look at 10 different areas of DNA, which are known to vary widely between people. These 10 areas contain short repeating sequences known as Short Tandem Repeats (STR). The number of these repeating sequences varies between individuals. An additional area is also provided which indicates whether the person is male or female. The technique of DNA profiling is centred on analysing and measuring these differences in length.

Typical example of a DNA profile

How is DNA profiling done?

Essentially the technical process for DNA profiling involves the following main steps

1. Dissolve the crime stain

2. Separate, clean and measure the quantity and quality of DNA

3. Target the specific pieces of interest within the DNA molecule

4. Produce multiple copies of these (PCR)

5. Sort the pieces of DNA according to size

6. Measure the size of the pieces

DNA Use in Forensic Cases

Biological fluids such as blood, semen, hair and saliva can play a role in shedding light on various types of criminal cases. In the case of sexual assault cases, semen found on vaginal swabs and /or clothing of a victim can be compared to the DNA profile of a nominated suspect. Similarly in murder/assault cases blood found on the clothing of a nominated suspect can be compared to the DNA profile of the victim.

Contrary to a number of years ago the smallest of traces left behind in criminal offences can now suffice for a DNA analysis. With the currently applied DNA techniques, a profile can be constructed, even of old and (partially) decayed biological traces.

Forensic DNA analysis can also establish the origin of a biological sample with an extremely high degree of probability.

DNA info remains same forever, once profile done, new specimen not needed.

In short the investigators have to do three things:

1. Collect DNA at the crime scene and from the suspect

2. Analyze the DNA to create a DNA profile

3. Compare the profiles to each other

4. Arrest the culprit

In Anwar case they already have the DNA profile from 1998.

So why do they need a new one? Why they asking DNA sample without a case???

The only reason is, just like what Raja Petra wrote, the specimen taken on 1998 can’t be used to prove that Anwar sodos Saiful in 2008. The date of the DNA sample taken can be determined.

Got the point???

That’s why they making all the noise to pressure Anwar to give a new sample so that they can plant the sample on saiful clothes, create an evidence and sumbat Anwar dalam penjara.

Brain ooo brain. But udang/prawn brain.

Anwar and gang…don’t fall into trap, don’t make another mistake.

And for PAS don’t you guys ever learn a lesson from the past. Just see what happen to Anwar when he took Ezam and Saiful into PKR. Think twice before even meeting them. “It’s a trap!!!” ….keep this in mind when dealing with them.

They will kick your butt again. At that time it will be too late! You won’t get support from Indians and Chinese again.



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Yea... Malaysia always special in every aspect... Malaysia boleh!

< naga > said...

LOL.. thats what happens when we elect dumb people to be our PM.. sigh..