Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Family loses battle in 'bodysnatching' dispute

Another sad episode in Malaysian history. Another story of violation of 'religion freedom' in Malaysia.

Just imagine how much the family of the deceased traumatized when their beloved body snatched without mercy. What have they achieved now by burying him as muslim? Won one million lottery??? God pat on shoulder and said "Well done" ????

Don't the authorities feel ashamed of them self? This is why some religion get their name as 'Extremist' and so on.

And....where is our PM's promise to protect the non-muslim's rights? Where is MIC, the so called only party representing Indians ? Where is all the components of BN? Do you guys really representing 'rakyat' ? ??

Shame shame shame of you all!!!

Do you guys think we will vote u in next election?? Sorry laaa brother!!!

Since the elected BN MPs cant do anything to protect us. Non-muslims I suggest u guys print this card fill up, and keep in ur wallet. Renew the card every month. What an embrassing situation for all non-muslims of Malaysia.



< naga > said...

Bro a very good post! I may borrow the picture of the card for my post!! :p

Malar Arasi said...

Good Post VJ... I know what the family is undergoing now. its very painful time for them... feel very sorry for the family... and I agree with u for the card. every one of us should print it out n keep in our wallet safely...

Vj said...

Somebody did the card. I found in google. I think all can use it. :)