Saturday, July 26, 2008

Flora Fest 2008 : With photos

Flora Fest 2008 begun yesterday with colorful floats takes part in the event. I am not able to catch the morning show but went there after work around 1.00pm, by that time crowds already disappearing. I thought there will be 100 000 people...hehehe

The surrounding looks messy but it’s fun to see those flora-decorated floats from nationwide and a few from neighboring countries. It’s really eye catching.

What amazed me are those floats not only decorated with flowers but also with spices and vegetables. According to the staff there, they started decoration work a week ago and each floats given RM10 000 by gov.

Those float are competing for awards in six categories that is Premier Trophy, Theme Trophy, Creative Trophy, Parade Trophy, Jury Award, and International Participation Award.

Entah siapa menang. Who cares, bukan kita dapat apa pun, dapat gambar jee…hehe.

Ok ok let’s see my snapshots.

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