Wednesday, July 30, 2008

From Office of Anwar Ibrahim

On The medical report leaked on Monday showed clearly that the scurillious allegations made against Anwar Ibrahim are a complete fabrication. An examination of the complainant by an experienced doctor from a reputable hospital just hours before a police report was filed showed no evidence of the assault that was alleged to have taken place.

Shortly after the report was leaked, Keadilan Secretary General issued a statement saying that the report shows the allegations were "without merit and politically motivated."

With this new evidence in the public domain, one would have expected the investigation to be quickly closed. That was the sentiment expressed on most Malaysian blogs on Monday (here, here and here). That was also the sentiment expressed by a number of prominent Malaysian civil society organisations, including the Bar Council, Center for Policy Initiatives and key political figures including Lim Kit Siang, Hj Husam Musa and seven MCA branches in Selangor.

News of the leaked medical report, and the mounting suspicion of a politically motivated attempt to discredt Anwar Ibrahim, has spread around the world. The Wall Street Journal wrote, criticizing the inconsistencies in the police investigation,

The case against Mr. Anwar in 1998 was politically motivated and was overturned. Ten years later, the legal system is again being put to the test. The longer the police wait to make their case public, the more questions will be raised about their conclusions.

At Anwar Ibrahim's press conference at the Keadilan headquarters on Tuesday morning he expressed his relief that this new evidence ought to bring a swift conclusion to the investigation and he reiterated his committment to focus on bringing change and reform to the nation'a ailing economy [Watch video here].

Looking forwad to announcing his by-election in a few days, an air of optimism had once again spread throughout the party and among his supporters. It was therefore shocking to see the headline on one Malaysian news portal several hours later, "Anwar to be charged as police wrap up probe".

We've seen this before. In 1998 the nation was torn apart by the machinations of a corrupt political regime hell-bent on humiliating and defaming Anwar Ibrahim. Today there is a repeat of the same charage, and any semblance of a fair and unbiased investigation evaporated with the leaking of the medical report.

For the authorities to threaten arrest without properly addressing the implications of the medical shows a blatant disregard for the rights of Anwar Ibrahim, the rule of law and the credibility of the criminal justice system.

Don't let them do this to us again. The March 8th elections were the beginning of a historic period for the Malaysian people. The efforts to derail that process must be rejected by all Malaysian citizens.

Do your part to support the nation. Call, fax or send an email to the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister and express your outrage over the way the police have treated Anwar Ibrahim.

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