Monday, July 7, 2008

Hindraf 5 remains in ISA : Biggest Mistake of BN

Keeping Hindraf 5 in ISA is the biggest mistake of ruling Gov in their political history. They don’t understand that Hindraf 5 are regards as Malaysians Indian heroes. The more Gov punish them, the more 5 Hindraf will be worshiped and the more our hatred will be on BN.

The reason is simple, Hindraf 5 never fights for their personal interest but they fight for the poor Indians of Malaysia. The concept, the idea already planted deep in our heart.

Some small group of Indians might oppose this, but it’s natural that there will be always a black sheep in the crowd.

I don’t think the current ruling gov want to be known as Hitler like regime in coming 100 years. It’s better to set things right, now. Release the 5 and abolish ISA. Have table talk and come to a proper solution.

There is no way out for ruling Gov.

As long as they keep the 5 in cell, Indians will see Gov as an oppressor of the weak and no matter what good the Gov do, jailing the 5 people without trial will be the most painful hurts ever done to Malaysian Indian and will be remembered forever.

Whoever did this video, God bless U. These Heroes are truly Wira Negara!!!



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