Thursday, July 17, 2008

Malaysian "Pacondi/Chameleon" : The one and only species of Malaysia

Dr. M.

This old man said before, Najib is the right person.

Now he says Muhyiddin Yassin can beat Najib...

What we should call this man???

We should name him a...a...a ..... u know it!

We learn science bit .

This reptile known as chameleon has an unusual body shape, and its body is very thin. Its ability to change colors to match the surroundings makes the reptiles flat body almost invisible. It uses its prehensile tail as a fifth limb for grasping and balancing. Its long and sticky tongue is also specially adapted to catch prey.

But the Malaysian reptile I am talking about is no ordinary one. It has unusual brain that can think like pro criminal. Ability to change view and facts to create trouble. Today he will say something, tomorrow he will says exactly the opposite thing. This one got no tail. And last but not least it has a sticky dirty tongue that can twist facts as he like and tell hell of lies. Malaysian chameleon.

Learning science is fun.


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vasantarao appalasamy said...

yea bro...
learning scince is fun, at the same ime Mahathir is funny..