Saturday, July 12, 2008

MIC - AGM : My view ;)

1. MIC didn't take heed of Hindus rights in the country??? No wonder they never bother when

a Hindu’s body snatched and buried as muslim. Voters take note this.

2. And did Hindraf really hijacked by opposition??? Or Hindraf's victories hijacked by an Indian


"Subramaniam said the party did not take heed of the activities of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) as they were deemed to be fighting for the rights of the Hindu religion.

"But they (Hindraf) were hijacked by the Opposition and they fell for it, requesting the people vote for the Opposition. This was a big disappointment to us," he said, adding that the

challenge is to bring them to the MIC fold."

MIC-AGM update

3. It takes 50 years for Gov to make Tamil schools fully aided and to set a budget allocation for Indians community development. Did this happen by MIC's own effort?? I don't think so.

I must tell the truth here, we are not impressed with the announcements. We want to see things really implemented.

We can't say who wins a war until it's over.

4. Putera MIC reported the assembly went smoothly but says different thing.

"Deputy Minister cited lack of protocol for the reason he left the dinner at

8.45pm, (15 minutes after it started) which was held on eve of the general assembly at PWTC. He, being deputy minister and information chief of the party, was not placed in the main table. Instead, an ex-deputy president, Dato Subra was seated there. According to the Star, confirmed that he had left early. because he was cheesed off because

Subramaniam was seated at the main table with the other leaders and prominent Indian businessmen.

Former party deputy president Datuk S. Subramaniam said was “hurt by the delegates’ action - they were chatting among themselves and not paying attention to the " cultural show that was going on”.

Mana satu kita nak caya ni ?

Thanks Putera Mic. Dinner is different from assembly. Dinner actually was held on the eve of AGM. Putera mic pun betul, pun betul. But I consider the whole thing as one event thats why this confusion. ;)

Anyway congrats to MIC and Salute to Hindraf.


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~violet~ said...

Aiyoooooooooo.........seriously I'm fed up with this ppl la.....Say only will do that n this like hangat-hangat tahi ayam...but nvr implement watever d *tut* they said......Not 1,not 2 things they said will many things but did they fulfil any of it??? No updates on the progress of d why d hell with tat so-called demands?? Bull**** only......*tut*!! Change d head for a change....tak mau listen la ini ppl....haizz....