Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My view & Q : MIC, Anwar, PAS, Inflation rate, Tamil School

  1. Congrats to Putera MIC for the new branch in Pulai. But Indians will be more happier if there is new tamil school opened. ;)

  1. Before election Mic klang registered 3000 Indians who do not have IC or birth cert. What happen to them? Did they get their ic and b.cert? Any news? . :)

3. Suspicious thing in anwar’s Sodomy Case : Extracted from Malaysiakini

a. No copy of police report given to accused.

b. Hospital denied of Anwar striped naked. But Anwar said they did. Why Anwar should lie? Getting striped is not a pleasant thing to share.

c. Asking for fresh blood when they have the DNA profile.

d. Why blood and not cheek cell, hair or others?

e. Khairy seemed to be inferring that he has read a copy of this report

f. Why Saiful met DPM? Scholarships? Advice?

g. Why PM, gov favoured media and other BN MB interfering in police investigation?

h. Why Saiful’s father didn’t attend the news conference?

i. Why there is no court case yet?

There is more. Will add later.

4. Congrats to PAS. Congrats for rejecting bribe (MB post) offered by UMNO-BN. This shows that PAS is a party of principle. They know well how BN works. I consider by rejecting UMNO’s offer PAS just added more respect for Islam religion.

5. Wow! inflation rate touches 7.7% great achievement for BN. Congrats to PM for making Malaysians suffer. Your statement on DNA shows us how things work around. You never check the facts, pro and cons or get advice from experts, having wrong company and you never read. Congrats again.

6. PKR don't neglect Indians/Tamil school in Selangor, Perak and related areas or you guys will not get support from Indians when Anwar contest by-election soon.

V j

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