Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The current affair between UMNO-PAS made many people starting to lose confident and trust on PAS.

PAS forgot that when they mix around with corrupted political party, people will start to brand them as corrupted too. It seems like PAS forgot who UMNO-BN is. It seems that PAS forgot that people want a change and cannot tolerate discrimination and corruption anymore and PAS forgot the reason why many Malaysians voted for them.

In Kelantan, even non-malays support PAS (my father’s side from there). But now things will change I guess. I believe no matter how good we are, when we mix around with dirt we will become the dirt itself. This is same for PAS.

It’s better to keep away from the devil before it’s possessed us and make us do evil things.

UMNO is not sincere in their dealings with PAS. If they care, why they never approach PAS before election? It’s soooo obvious that they only keen on power and not malay-unity or Islam as they claim.

PAS should abandon the invitation from UMNO. The dealing has done a lot of damage on the party’s image. PAS must realize that if UMNO can ignore their partners for power, they can ignore you too in future.

In the other hand what is this 'Malay-Unity' UMNO talking about? What about MIC, MCA and other BN components? ??

Why UMNO never consult BN component before having talk with opponent party?.....and do this mean that any time UMNO can just abandon non-malays party and join opposition malays ?

Hmmmm….looks like future of non-malays are very dim in Malaysia.


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vasantarao appalasamy said...

i have gave my opinion on this matter before, i just hope they throw the religion out of the politics......!!!!!
pls view my post on tis issue-