Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What a caring gov!!!

Its already about a month after fuel price increased but I don’t see any significant effort done by anybody to help the poor people who effected by sudden fuel price increase. Why???

Public transportation system remains the same, prices of things still going up and people have no choice but to limit their meal from 3 to one per day (I checked with many low paid workers).

People in power have all the time and resources to play political games. They can use all their intelligent to trace who is meeting who, who is talking to who (pity the sabahans) but they are brain dead to help ordinary citizens of Malaysia. Ehmm.....welfare of people is neglected.

The cancellation of monorail project in Penang is one classic example on how much they care for Malaysians. Fuel price increased; "change life style" they said but public transport project cancelled. What a caring gov!!! Political agenda is more important for them now than planning to help the poor.

One thing for sure, I can see the ruling party is evolving to become an opposition of rakyat and more and more people prefer party who seems more caring for rakyat . When someone says “The next moment I become PM, fuel price will go down” surely we will like him much than who gives excuses such as “Kita terpaksa lah naikan harga minyak”.



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