Tuesday, August 5, 2008

An apology??? : Indians Insulted by History Teacher

Damm.. don't they realized how serious is the statements?? Shall I make similar statements on Malays race and apology?? Will they accept. I can't believe this! My message and request to all indians take legal action on this teacher.

This is the worst racist remarks I have ever heard spoken openly. If we don't react and take action, then I can't blame the teacher for saying those things. Because we allow them to say such things.

Refer to my previous post : History teacher Hurls and Insult Indians : Malaysia


Qouted from poobalan.com

"As expected, the teacher (I have got the name and photo, but unauthenticated) has “apologised” and says the teacher will be transferred. He said disciplinary action will be recommended, but I think after a week it will be all quiet.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Senator T. accompanied by few of his Public Complaints Bureau staff, who visited SMK Telok Panglima Garang yesterday,said the teacher regretted the incident and had apologised to the students. He said the issue was now considered closed and advised members of the Indian community
as well as parents of the affected students to accept the teacher’s apology.

She also said that she did not expect things to become so serious and has agreed to be transferred to another school."


vasantarao appalasamy said...

Cikgu pulak yang kurang ajar!
macamane ni??

che khadijah said...

1. 2years ago, during Ramathan, an Indian Hindu English teacher hurled strong degrading words to my son, and ordered that he 'break his fast'..Batalkan Puasa Awak, HATI AWAK BUSUK!!! And she forced my son to sweep the whole classroom.
2. She refused to read my letter requesting for an explaination, of what actually took place, even I requested she call me, bluntly told that she was too busy to entertain...
3. I asked my son to see her for clarification the next day. And this happened just 2day s before a very major examination!!! Arrogantly she told my son that she studied some psychology and just by looking at my son's face, she can know that he was ARROGANT, HATI BUSUK, INSINCERE AND MUST BE A SCHOOL BULLY? Please note, she had never taught my son, nor knew him at all.... todate, this teacher is STILL TEACHING IN THIS SAME SCHOOL.
5.. My son is a orphan, and his late father was once an Estate Manager of a large plantation where 80% workers and employees are from the Indian community. We also join the Hindus in the estate in their Pungal and Thaipusam celebrations. My maids, my garderners and the gatekeeper, were all Indians.
6. In short, I had the opportunity to live and MIX with them and am very observant with their daily ways of life and customs. To educate my son on tolerance, I showed him pictures from my album (History of the estate since 1908), showing the conditions of life during the early days and how the Indian community were treated by the British Masters. Pictures are louder than words.
7. Should you take action to remove THE HISTORY Teacher, I would like your help to also see to it that this ENGLISH TEACHER accorded the same punishment. She was disrespectful of ISLAM and try to TEACH MY SON TO GO AGAINST THE TEACHINGS OF ISLAM.
.... this was my comment to Poonalan.


1. Dont marginalise the Malays, your petition appears to be so short-sighted. If you are generations from the original estate workers who were brought into Malaya by the British Masters, then you will appreciate how fortunate you are today. These were words I get from those I interacted with in the estates. The estates have proudly produced children from the Indian communities who are now Lawyers, Engineers and Professionals. Even Ananda managed to send satelites into space.
2. Malaysia is a land of opportunities, thats why TOO many people, through whatever means, come to Malaysia. The PATI's, they keep coming back, knowing that back home, the only thing waiting for them is poverty. And the bulk of the Indian and Chines community present here in Malaysia, (I suggest the Government also do a nationwide check on their original Birthcertifates) are those who were not brought in forcibly by the British, but came here out of their own choice, for opportunities and to escape poverty from their country of origin.

3. My late husband worked over 25years in a Plantation, and to my disgust, what I observed, the discrimination amongst your community where caste system is concerned are worse-off. Coming out of the Plantation, to my surprise, these similar practices are blatantly displayed right under our noses today;
One Indian lady told me her husband, who comes from a lower caste system, was not allowed to attend her mum's funeral.. To her siblings, the husband is considered 'NOT PURE'. I am not talking about happenings of yesteryears, or in India, I am quoting what was confided to me by my neighbour, just a year ago.
Right in our neighbourhood today, a husband forbids his inlaw to enter his house, even to see his wife... just because they are from the lower caste. And we, Malay neighbours are so embarassed and disgusted to see, these elderly parents, having to stand and communicate outside the gate to communicate with their daughter, in cases or emergencies that they needed to see her!!....... Discrimination knows no boundries, may it be within ones own races. So once again... please dont generalise....

4. After the death of my husband, I came back to my Kampung, where majority are Malays. But working for me now, is a Chinese Amah, to the surprise of even the Chinese communities here... its not the norm for a Chinese to want to work in a Muslim Malay home... But she sings as she cleans my house, took care of me and my children when I we were sick and... and we exchange surprise gifts and hugs during HariRaya and Chinese New Year celebrations. Its the individual respect with give to one another for what we are that matters, how we learn to tolerate and accept each individual values, its not race, religion or colour!!!