Thursday, August 14, 2008

Construction of Buddharatana Monastery of Australia Inc.

Rich people out there please consider to help . May lord Buddha bless you.

Buddha"m"m gacchaami
Dhamma"m"m gacchaami

Sa"ngha"m"m gacchaami

To the Buddha I go for refuge.
To the Dhamma I go for refuge.

To the Sangha I go for refuge.



Construction of Buddharatana Monastery of Australia Inc.

Dear Members of Buddhist communities/Friends of the Dhamma;

Hello; my gracious greeting to you! The Buddharatana Monastery of Australia Inc. was incorporated (Inc. 9886419) and accepted as a charitable institution on 6-10-2006 and registered on 5-11-2007 (ABN No. 11603517984).

Bhante Dhammavaro who was born in Taiwan and came to live in Australia in 1982, he has established a Siladidhamma Pavarasaya Monastery in Perak, Malaysia. Last year when Bhante came to reside his eleventh Vassas at Buddhist Vihara of Queensland, Goodna, he decided to launch the Buddharatana Monastery near this region, so this year with money raised in Malaysia he bought a piece of 20 acres land nested among several National Parks in Urbenville, NSW 2475 (2 hours from

Brisbane/Gold Coast) costing $130,000.

Then he set about to build the Monastery with a Titan colourbond shed consists of a prayers hall, 3 rooms, kitchen, 2 toilets/shower costing $45,000 with money raised locally.

Now in the process of doing this, there comes the crunch of connecting the power to Country Energy, which costs a wobbling $26,000, Bhante is now almost exhausted his financial resources, he henceforth appeals to the Buddhist communities and Friends of the Dhamma to chip in on this noble cause by helping generously.

The Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Account name: Buddharatana Monastery of Australia Inc.

Account number: 1047 8380

Branch: BSB No. 064 148 Inala, Brisbane, Australia



Account Name: CHANG YUN LING

Account number: 373334531011

Branch : Butterworth



Account number: 142-188432-060

Branch : Dhoby Ghaut

Please notify by correspondence.

Thanking you in anticipation,

yours in Dhamma;

Bhante Dhammavaro

B.M.A. (

21Boomi Street, Urbenville, NSW 2475

Tel/fax: 02-6634 1289, H/p 0488 684 021

Contact detail

Contact detail of Ven. Dhammavaro


Correspondence: SL 5, Kg. Tasek, Pengkalan Hulu, Perak 33100, Malaysia

P.O. Box 704, Revesby, Sydney, NSW 2212, Australia

Telephone: Malaysia+6019 4705685

+6016 5103334

Australia: +61-411 894552

Singapore: +65 9860 4993

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