Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hindraf Future Plans for The Coming Months

HINDRAF's flag campaign to celebrate our 51st Merdeka Day on August 31, 2008;
  • HINDRAF's request to the government for HINDRAF's supporter to march in the 51st National Day Parade as citizen of Malaysia;

  • HINDRAF Relay Hunger strikes throughout the country starting with KLCC on every Sunday from August 10, 2008

  • HINDRAF Hunger Strike for Merdeka Day and 24 hr YAAGAM in Seremban on 31st August 2008;

  • HINDRAF supporters of at least 10,000 to attend PM's Hari Raya Open in Kepala Batas and the National Hari Raya celebration in Kuala Lumpur;

  • HINDRAF supporter's of at least 10,000 in each state to attend the Hari Raya Open house in their respective Menteri Besar's house;

  • HINDRAF to initiate nationwide appeal to all Sultans and Yang Dipertua Negeri starting with the state of Penang.

  • HINDRAF request it's supporter to celebrate Deepavali in simplicity with family and friends and no open houses.

  • HINDRAF shall intensify its campaign to release the HINDRAF 5 by approaching all countries in the United Nation if the Malaysian government continue to hold them arbitrarily for voicing their concern for the systematically discriminated Malaysian Indians beyond the end of December 2008

HINDRAF would hold a mega gathering to commemorate November 25th mass Malaysian Indian uprising against neo colonialization of Malaysian Indians.

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