Wednesday, August 6, 2008

History Teacher Insults Indian Students : SMKTPG Website Under Attack

SMKTPG's website blocked the school teachers list from being viewed and the shout box taken out.

After the insult incident of the Indians students by a history teacher, the school web's shout box constantly posted with statements of dissatisfaction by angry Indians.

This shows Indians community really disturbed with the insult made by the History teacher from SMKTPG. The words spoken no ordinary words but its touches dignity of Indian women (refered as 'prostitute', 'dog') and Indians in general. The word 'Keling Pariah' do i need to explain this? 'Black Monkey' and 'Negro' , skin color discrimination.

Thus I request Indian community of Malaysia to sue this lady with 1 million ringgit for each statement/word. Besides banning her from working around youngsters.

Below is the screen shot before and after of the web.

List of teachers and shout box in the right bar

Now need to login to view teachers list, plus shout box missing

This is the last message posted by an angry and disappointed Indians before the shout box taken out. Looks like they are protecting the teacher.

To visit the school website click here.

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