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Indians Insulted By History Teacher: A reply to email from Pn,Khajidah Che

Dear Pn,Khajidah Che ,

Thanks for your email. Following is my reply to your email regarding the teacher's insult on students and Indian community. Hope you will read it thoroughly, check all the links i provided, read my other postings and give me your feedback.

I also invite all the visitors of my blog to comment on this issue.

Pn.Khajidah Che’s email and my reply:

Pn.Khajidah Che :

1. 2years ago, during Ramathan, an Indian Hindu English teacher hurled strong degrading words to my son, and ordered that he 'break his fast'..Batalkan Puasa Awak, HATI AWAK BUSUK!!! And she forced my son to sweep the whole classroom.

2. She refused to read my letter requesting for an explaination, of what actually took place, even I requested she call me, bluntly told that she was too busy to entertain...

3. I asked my son to see her for clarification the next day. And this happened just 2day s before a very major examination!!! Arrogantly she told my son that she studied some psychology and just by looking at my son's face, she can know that he was ARROGANT, HATI BUSUK, INSINCERE AND MUST BE A SCHOOL BULLY? Please note, she had never taught my son, nor knew him at all.... todate, this teacher is STILL TEACHING IN THIS SAME SCHOOL.

My reply:

1.Well I am sympathy with you and your son. The mistake is yours. You are one of them who responsible for the History teacher to behave like that. If you had made a report and action taken on that teacher on that day, today no teacher will dare to repeat the mistake. In fact many BN-UMNO’s MPs had uttered racial remarks many times openly and no action taken on them. That’s why this kind of attitude still continues plaguing Malaysians.

2. Did the teacher called your son as son of prostitute? Or did the teacher said that your son got no testicle? Do you know how much damage the words she uttered have done??

If that Hindu teacher called you prostitute, will you just send a letter asking for clarification??

3. I don’t know what exactly happened in your son’s school. But I too used to scold my best Malay friend as “stupid! Batal puasa awak, muslim apa awak ni??” because he gambles (kuda and magnum) . We are still friends till now.

Pn.Khajidah Che :
5.. My son is a orphan, and his late father was once an Estate Manager of a large plantation where 80% workers and employees are from the Indian community. We also join the Hindus in the estate in their Pungal and Thaipusam celebrations. My maids, my garderners and the gatekeeper, were all Indians.

My reply:

Dear puan happy to hear this. But let me ask you how many new generations of Malays are visiting non-malays open house nowdays? How about your son ? did he ever visited any of his Indians or Chinese friend’’ house? I doubt. Now let me tell u this , all my child hood friends are Malays. Till now I have more Malay friends than Indians. But look how you all have brought up a new Malay generation. Full of racism. A 9 year old Malay boy dare to look at me and shout ‘keling’ . Who thought them this??

Pn.Khajidah Che :
6. In short, I had the opportunity to live and MIX with them and am very observant with their daily ways of life and customs. To educate my son on tolerance, I showed him pictures from my album (History of the estate since 1908), showing the conditions of life during the early days and how the Indian community were treated by the British Masters. Pictures are louder than words.

7. Should you take action to remove THE HISTORY Teacher, I would like your help to also see to it that this ENGLISH TEACHER accorded the same punishment. She was disrespectful of ISLAM and try to TEACH MY SON TO GO AGAINST THE TEACHINGS OF ISLAM.
.... this was my comment to Poonalan.

My reply:

1. So you agree Indians community mistreated by british. They had poor condition of living with not enough basic needs, not educated and in short they are marginalized. 50 year of independent we are facing the same thing. The only different is British master replaced with Malay masters. Our great history text book thought us that British divide and ruled Malaya by race. But what the current Malay leaders are doing? Putrajaya full of Malays. All the government offices full of Malays. Licenses and business premises only for Malays. What you call this if not divide and rule.

2. I suggest you make police report on the Indian teacher. Then I will come out with petition to support you. ;)

3. You should watch this video:

Can you answer those crying ladies?

And listen to what this old Indian lady says:

British gave them home. Our government now wants to snatch it.

Malaysian Indians, Used and Forgotten, Watch this too:

Pn.Khajidah Che :


1. Dont marginalise the Malays, your petition appears to be so short-sighted. If you are generations from the original estate workers who were brought into Malaya by the British Masters, then you will appreciate how fortunate you are today. These were words I get from those I interacted with in the estates. The estates have proudly produced children from the Indian communities who are now Lawyers, Engineers and Professionals. Even Ananda managed to send satelites into space.

My reply:

It's not me who is short sighted. It’s you who are blind of history. If you read through all the articles in my blog, you will come across facts that hidden or untold to our younger generation. Puan touch your heart and tell me, do Malays really people of this land? If yess then who is the orang Asli??? The word Malay and orang asli have totally different meaning, do you agree with me?

Do you know the word ‘Malay’ came from Sanskrit word?

Do you know that ‘Malai’ in tamil means hill?

Do you know that our ancestor have ruled this land long before you?

Do you know that Malays are descendant of Chinese and originated from Yunan?

(When Malaysians contingent comes out in 2008 Olympic’s opening they did mention Malays as descendent of Chinese)

Do you know the word ‘Bumiputra’ came from Tamil and Sanskrit word, “bhumi=earth and “putera=puteran=son” ?

Now tell me where you are belongs to. Above of all this, Malays have borrowed heavily Indians and Chinese culture, language and you all ask us to go back to India and china? And call us came from dog and prostitute? How ungrateful the History teacher is.

Pn. Katijah , apart of all these we accepted Malay Sultans as our very own sultan now and also forever.

Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku!

Malay PM as our very own PM. 50 years we kept quite and tolerated with Malays special right but we are betrayed. Kampung medan mini genocide, Indians killed in police station, denied of worship place, temple demolished, tamil school neglected, good Indians student denied right for education, Indian hindu buried as muslim and many more.

Can you see anywhere in Malaysia a Islamic school or a Malay student studying inside a container? In kandang kuda? But Indians …yess tamil school in kandang kuda, container, shop lot and inside a store.

This is not 1950s I am talking about but 2008 when our country has the tallest building in the world.

Photo shows a Tamil school that runs in Kandang Kuda for 4 years.

Who is marginalized? Indians or Malay? Actually the issue is not the Indian,Malays or chinese, but the poor who are really marginalized by the rich and powerful.

I knew our former and 1st prime minister Tunku Adbul Rahman sold his property to fight for our independent. But look at our politician in gov nowadays? Full of corruption and leaving the poor citizens in poverty and sufferings.

Watch this video on Indian marginalization. Click here.

Pn.Khajidah Che :
2. Malaysia is a land of opportunities, thats why TOO many people, through whatever means, come to Malaysia. The PATI's, they keep coming back, knowing that back home, the only thing waiting for them is poverty. And the bulk of the Indian and Chines community present here in Malaysia, (I suggest the Government also do a nationwide check on their original Birthcertifates) are those who were not brought in forcibly by the British, but came here out of their own choice, for opportunities and to escape poverty from their country of origin.

My reply:

I guess I did give enough comment regarding above matter. The Malays too are immigrants. Refer to my postings online. I think you seriously need to do some research on our country’s history before checking the birth certificate of non-malays. If you care enough, read my postings below and give me your feedback.

Pn.Khajidah Che :
3. My late husband worked over 25years in a Plantation, and to my disgust, what I observed, the discrimination amongst your community where caste system is concerned are worse-off. Coming out of the Plantation, to my surprise, these similar practices are blatantly displayed right under our noses today;

One Indian lady told me her husband, who comes from a lower caste system, was not allowed to attend her mum's funeral.. To her siblings, the husband is considered 'NOT PURE'. I am not talking about happenings of yesteryears, or in India, I am quoting what was confided to me by my neighbour, just a year ago.

Right in our neighbourhood today, a husband forbids his inlaw to enter his house, even to see his wife... just because they are from the lower caste. And we, Malay neighbours are so embarassed and disgusted to see, these elderly parents, having to stand and communicate outside the gate to communicate with their daughter, in cases or emergencies that they needed to see her!!....... Discrimination knows no boundries, may it be within ones own races. So once again... please dont generalise....

My reply :

Very pathetic to see mistake done by some of our community repeated by others. Why do Malays have too looked down on other race? Why are you people putting down other race ? Don’t you realize that you people are making the same mistake as those Indians that practice caste system? Why don’t treat all races as the same? Tell me which is greater, Islam or Malay? If Islam you should have treated all as equal. Do you know that special privilege normally given to disable people only?

Do you know in India there is a place called Putarpathi where Hindu, Christian, Muslims and other religion people praying side by side in one room without any conflicts? You have to go beyond Malaysian boundary and Malay context to search for truth. Sorry to say that many Malaysians leaders are misleading Malaysians for their personal gain. They use religion and race sentiment to stay in power.

Remember a great community does not become great by merely saying that they are great, other countries already laughing at us.

Talking about Indians putting down Indians. The Malays are also doing the very same thing. Look at DSAI, he is Malay isn’t he? A leader with charisma and full of talent. Why accused him with false charges and then striped him naked? All these happening right under our nose too dear puan. We are watching how malays tikam back of another malays for power and wealth.

There is no generalization here but it’s a war between good and evil.

Pn.Khajidah Che :

4. After the death of my husband, I came back to my Kampung, where majority are Malays. But working for me now, is a Chinese Amah, to the surprise of even the Chinese communities here... its not the norm for a Chinese to want to work in a Muslim Malay home... But she sings as she cleans my house, took care of me and my children when I we were sick and... and we exchange surprise gifts and hugs during HariRaya and Chinese New Year celebrations. Its the individual respect with give to one another for what we are that matters, how we learn to tolerate and accept each individual values, its not race, religion or colour!!!


My reply:

Again it’s very nice to hear this. But how many are same like you? Just two days ago I heard your people asked us to go back India and china (read Why? A week ago a teacher insulted us, a month ago Hamidah Osmah Sungai Rapat BN state assemblyperson insulted us. Where is the respect that you are talking about?

Just compare how Poor Indians treated on 25th Nov 2007(Hindraf rally) and Malays extremist treated on 11th Aug 2008. We are beaten by police, Malays are supported by police. Clear cut racial discrimination.



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