Thursday, August 7, 2008

Latest information on the History Teacher

It is reported in many blogs (seelan-blog) that this lady teacher apologized to the students and will be transfered to another school. It is said that she is on leave now till Monday waiting for her transfer to new school.

Well what about the crime she committed ? Case close??? This is unfair. Just for a public forum all the Malay leaders make so much of noise. Some even threaten to get 100,000 people on street to stop the forum. But seriously damaging racial remarks are just gone with the wind. Apologize and transfer only??

While HIndraf 5 in jail for crime they didn't do, this lady after committed such a terrible crime will continue to have good life receiving her salary every month, allowance, all the benefit for being gov servant and good happy life with family.

And we Indians gonna be fools again for accepting apologies and close the matter.



Dear PM of Malaysia I found that you a very good in Laws, better than lawyers sometimes as i saw u spoke in media, why don't you suggest now , under what act can we charge the teacher trained by your ministry??? 'Under carpet' act or you have something new in pocket?


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