Monday, August 11, 2008

Mentally ill History Teacher Gained from Insulting Indians

I knew this will happen from the beginning. They will protect Malays and wash hand on the issue .

I felt the attitude of all teachers from the school is same. The management of the school just want to clear their name. So they transfered her as fast as they could. They don't bothered about the students and after all they are Indian students. Who cares right?

It is reported that before the police report, the students informed the incident to the headmaster. But he ignored the complain. I think education department must get down to the school and do thorough observation on the school.

What MIC going to do if no action taken on the teacher? Looks like they takes MIC youth very lightly. Ahh! MIC only what. ;)


Quoted from NST online
Racial abuse teacher gets 'a better deal'
By : V. Shankar Ganesh

"BANTING: It obviously pays to hurl racial abuse at students, going by what happened to the teacher who did so at a school here.

The 35-year-old history teacher from SM Telok Panglima Garang was not only transferred to a smart school but to one located nearer her house.

To add insult to injury, no disciplinary action was taken against her.

It is understood that her letter of transfer stated that she was being transferred due to concerns for her security and not because she had committed an offence.



Setiap berita dan artikel yang saya baca mengenai isu ini berbunyi seperti "Racial slurs by a malay teacher on indian student" . mmmmmm...... kalau dilihat dari aspek ini, masalah ini sulit sekali dapat diselesaikan tanpa "kerugian". Kerugian kepada siapa? kerugian kepada usaha memantapkan perpaduan antara rakyat malaysia.

Pada pendapat saya, ini adalah satu case dimana seorang guru ( rakyat malaysia) menyerang seorang pelajar dan keluarganya ( rakyat malaysia) dengan kata- kata yang tidak sopan dan lucah. Ini jelas melanggar code of ethics seorang guru. Jadi apakah hukumannya?

Is it that simple? well why not?

the MIC Youth Education Bureau will be calling for a press conference together with the parents and the PIBG representatives to demand that disciplinary action be taken against the teacher.

Mr. M.Saravanan ( MIC YOUTH EDUCATION) will be meeting the Minister of Education YB Dato Seri Hishamuddin personally to convey the people's dissatisfaction and present a memorandum pressing for harsher punishment.

Vj said...

Selama 50 tahun UMNO-BN secara sistematik telah menanam benih pemikiran secara ras.

Hasilnya bangsa hari ini semuanya befikiran berlandaskan ras.

Kita dapat apa yang kita tanam. Takan tanam lalang kita boleh harapkan tumbuhnya jagung.

Sampai sekarangpun pemimpin utama BN masih mempratikkan dasar-dasar yang tertumpu kepada orang Melayu sahaja. Maka pastilah kaum lainpun akan mengikut kepala.Semuapun akan memberi keutamaan kepada kaum masing-masing.

Tambahan lagi parti-parti BN pun berdasarkan ras.Tukar kepala, ekorpun akan tukar sama.



well said brother, :)

While waiting for the changes ( it may not happen at all),

let us walk the change. :)