Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My View and Q Part 2 : Najib, Saiful, Anwar, PM,MIC

1. "Najib calls Indian and Chinese to back BN, and scrap metal license promised for indians"


After 50 years UMNO-BN treated Indians like a scrap metal, now you asking us to back you??? ....and scrap metal license is the best you can offer Indians??? Why not more medical seat for Indians, more place in local university, and more scholarships for Indians???

Worst while you are asking non-malays support your boys are circulating phamplet calling chinese "Babi"/pig.

Dear DPM, You and your Minister can't even punish a civil servant who insulted the whole Indian community and you are talking about backing up BN?? Bodoh orang India and orang Cina if they vote for BN.

2. Anwar already charged for sodomy and the case is on. Why Saiful, the so called sodomy victim need to swear on al-quran ? Court ordered to do so?? Pelik.

3. Sodomy charge is to tarnish Anwar's image. We can see this clearly during an on going by-election campaign. While PKR campaigning on Malaysia's future and reformasi. BN supporters chanting sodomy and video of Saiful swearing shown in big screen in permatang pauh. What we call these if not conspiracy. All these things done to bring Anwar down.

4. Our brilliant PM gave statement hoping that there will be no parties or events that will block or threaten voters from coming out for voting because that their rights. (same dialog I heard during Hindraf Rose campaign).

Oh really PM?? nobody should stop voters from voting??

Then why having by-election on working day??? You already blocking many people from coming out for voting.

6. PM angry on Malaysian flag displayed upside down. Good! But I will consider to display PM's photo upside down for making people suffer by increasing fuel price and turning our economy upside down. Malaysians keep in mind these people spent over 200 million just for election posters and banners. Who's money is it?....and the sad thing is they prefer to use those money for winning a seat rather than to help poor bumiputras.

5. MICs what are you people going to say now? Just a warning for the racist teacher? Will you people admit that MIC failed to defends Indians?? Why not considering pulling out of BN? Then lets see how UMNO responds.

Demi Maruah Bangsa dan Negara dissolve MIC and join PKR.


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vasantarao appalasamy said...

yea correct bro!!
nthn MIC can do...
stop racial politics..
dissolve MIC n join PKR...
we don't need race based politic after this!