Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Support Our Heroes : Donate Now!

Please donate to support the trail expenses of the Hindraf, Human Right Defenders cases in JLN Duta and Shah Alam to the below account.

Bank- Public Bank Berhad
Joint Account Name : P.Taramaraju & V.Aridass
Account No : 4-5235622-34
Tel No : 019-3305197 / 012-3323490

It is our duty to support them as these people stood up along thousands of defenders for the neglected basic rights on the 25th Nov 2008. Lets show our unity and caring for these heroes.

All public donation in excess of the RM27,000.00 shall be distributed to the remaining Human Right Defenders who pleaded not guilty as they will definitely face uncertainty and financial turbulence for the stance that they have taken.

All funds collected will be made public by way of advertisement in Tamil Daily and the 1st Advertisement will be made on October 20, 2008.

With HINDRAF it is Now or Never for the Malaysian Indians.

Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi.

Friday, September 19, 2008


"Clarion CallTo: NATIONWIDE UTUSAN MALAYSIA BOYCOTT The nationwide Utusan Malaysia Boycott Campaign is on. This boycott is applicable to all publications under the Utusan Malaysia group of companies, with immediate effect. All right-thinking Malaysians are requested to cancel their subscription to Utusan Malaysia & related publications. The boycott campaign against any company that advertises in any Utusan Malaysia publication will take off on October 1, 2008. This is to provide some time allowance for advertisers to pull their advertisements & accounts from Utusan Malaysia. The voice of lies, deceits & bigotry must be stopped. Please help to spread the word. news courtesy of Cool Wiseman"

Yess we should do it. This is most racist and big time lier newspaper that exist in Malaysia.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My God Your God

"Mine, not thine; this sense of greed is the root of all evil. This distinction is applied even to GOD! -- my GOD, not yours! Your GOD, not mine!"

Sathya Sai Baba

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Please circulate this video url to all.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Law Minister 'tenders resignation' : Defection Started???

Malaysiakini reported De facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim has tendered his resignation over the government's use of the Internal Security Act, which allows detention without trial, against three individuals last week.

DSAI announced that we will hear good news from Zaid in a few days time and SAPP party meeting on Wednesday to decide status in BN. Is this indicates that the process of defection has started???

If yes, I wish to say advance Good Bye to BN.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

How to say Big Nooo to ISA : Hartal on ISA Part 1

Before go for hartal we should educate everyone 1st on Hartal.

What is Hartal?

Hartal (also hartaal) is a term in many Indian languages for strike action, used often during the Indian Independence Movement. It is mass protest often involving a total shutdown of workplaces, offices, shops, courts of law as a form of civil disobedience. In addition to being a general strike, it involves the voluntary closing of schools and places of business. It is a mode of appealing to the sympathies of a government to change an unpopular or unacceptable decision.[1]

Hartal was originally a Gujarati expression signifying the closing down of shops and warehouses with the object of realising a demand. MK Gandhi, the Indian national leader from Gujarat organised a series of anti-British general strikes which he called hartals, thereby institutionalizing it. In Bangladesh a hartal is a constitutionally recognised political method for articulating any political demand.[2]

In Sri Lanka, it is often used to refer specifically to the 1953 hartal of Ceylon. Hartals are still common in India, Bangladesh and in northern and eastern Sri Lanka.[citation needed]

In Malaysia, the word "hartal" was used to refer to various general strikes in the 1940s, 50s and 60s, such as the All-Malaya hartal of 1947 and the Penang hartal of 1967.

The word hartal in India is also used in humorous sense to mean abstaining from work. Another variant which is common in Hindi-speaking regions is the bhukh hartal which translates as hunger strike.

Watch documentary below:





More to come stay tune. ;) Send this to everyone you know. Lets teach the arrogant gov that we reject ISA and don't bully us.

More info : http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com

Saturday, September 13, 2008

MIC coward???

I am wondering why no one from MIC willing to accept debate invitation from Agenda Daily? With this can we conclude that MIC guilty and have cheated Malaysian Indians???

While there are many things can be done to uplift Indians community, promises remains as promises. Nothing concrete done, only things I am hearing is Tamil school's land snatched and so on.

Mic is busy rebranding and recruiting youth. For what??? So that can gets more vote next election, win MP seat and continue cheating people??

Anyway the 5000 thousand and 4000 looks like gimmick to me. Any youth with sound mind will not support MIC for damage done to Indian community. After they betrayed older generation now younger generation become their target.

OPS Toyol

Khir Toyo (left)

This is culprit(pic above) who caused Tresa Kok to be arrested under ISA. I was angry on those who did this video(see link), but now I think he deserved it.

This idiot came up with false news linking Tresa Koh with Mosque Azan and with his evil friend in Utusan they put up a writing. Then using this opportunity, UMNO took advantage and arrested Kok under ISA.

The related mosque authorities told Malaysiakini that Tresa Kok has nothing to do with Azan or any petition.

Khir Toyo and Syed. After 916, I wish to see both of you behind bar.

Friday, September 12, 2008

OPS "Lalang" or "Balang" : Don't Fall Into Their Trap

Dear Malaysians,

I request all to be calm and stay focus on our goal. They had released their ultimate weapon and waiting for us to fall into trap. No matter what, don't resort to any violence and street demo.

Malay Chinese Indian and all Malaysians let us together pray for safety of the ISA detainees and nation in general. More will be arrested I guess and they might be subject to torture and so on. Its all to provoke racial clash and declare emergency state to destroy people's voice.
Lets face it together.

To add point: The entire ISA crackdown blame will fall on Abdullah's head and force him to resign. I wont be surprise if Dr.M among those behind this.

Voice out loud condemning this Inhuman law by sms and emails (pls don't condemn any race or religion).

Soon evil will be destroyed. Truth will prevails!!!


Hindraf condemns the unjust and undemocratic act perpetrated by the ruling government lead by UMNO and its allies in their latest antic.

A blogger who empowers the society with awareness and knowledge with the truth and a reporter who reported the truth and a serving MP arrested whereas the personality who incited and raised racial sensitivity is just slapped in the wrist.

It appears that the Malaysian government lead by Dr Abdullah Badawi has totally lost control of his administration and from the current state of affair it appears that such repressive actions against utterance of truth in a purported democracy is being engineered and navigated by the non other than the infamous Dr Mahathir and his "warlords" within UMNO and their allies.

This is a typical coup d'état whereby, Mahathir's warlords have slowly usurped and having consolidated their position to create the bureaucratic elite that would make sure that UMNO and it's allies stays in power and continue the regime that started fifty one years ago.

With UMNO and its allies under Badawi as weak as it stands under the current vigor for change by the Malaysian society, Dr. Mahathir and his "warlords" needs to step in to maintain the status quo of UMNO and its allies to continue the regime.

All methods and acts against human right and civil liberty issues by installing fear and intimidation can only lead to the maestro, Dr Mahathir and his warlords.

HINDRAF condemns any act that is repressive against humanity and civil right in the pretext of national security and views that the current state of affair is to ensure that UMNO and its allies stays in power and continue their authoritarian ways.

This is no other than the repeat of the 1969 scene. Abdullah's "oust" is imminent with the cronies of Mahathir teaming up to force Abdullah Badawi to step down.

It appears like the Home Minister who signed the detention order no longer takes instructions from the No 1.

The above are my personal views.

P. Waytha Moorthy
01.00 (AM) Msian Time 13th Sept 2008

Hindraf: The Malaysian government is again stoking racial tension

The recent unprecedented upheaval by government controlled media coverage on racial tension based on one man's utterance clearly paves a way for the government to install fear and intimidation towards a fledging democracy.

Further the reminder from the army chief clearly indicates that the ruling government is taking desperate measures to silence the public who has now a growing realization that racism and intolerance are the root cause of most human rights violation that has marred our country for the last twenty two years.

Attempts by various current ruling administration personalities are exploiting, fostering and exacerbating racial and ethnical tensions in Malaysia to further their own personal and political objectives.

The Malaysian public must realize that racial tension is currently the ruling administration's only available trump card to hold to power to destroy the new found sense of fairness and equality in the society.

If this is allowed to continue unabated, this unwarranted racial threat will affect all of us as we try to nurture our country into a truly non-racial, democratic country.

The recent events in Malaysia has shown that the current generation of Malaysian are very concern with issues relating to racial discrimination and other forms of intolerance as their uppermost concern to enhance our nation socially and economically irrespective of origin.

HINDRAFf has often been portrait as a racialist movement by the ruling administration, yet the only thing that it had fought for was equality and fairness to live as a Malaysian as a rightful son of the soil against a regime that systematically discriminate and marginalize against a particular society.

The present Malaysian society in Malaysia irrespective of its race, color, creed and religion is rejuvenated for a cause of equality and fairness to build a better future for Malaysia for its multiracial and multicultural society rather playing into the racial and ethnicity ploy of the regime that was created Fifty one years ago.

HINDRAF calls upon the Malaysian public as their collective responsibility not to fall prey to the antics of the ruling administration and acknowledge that in reality the multiracial and multicultural society in Malaysia had contributed to build our nation for what it is today.

Waytha Moorthy



Thursday, September 11, 2008

RPK Arrested Under ISA

Raja Petra Kamaruddin arrested under ISA today at 1.10pm. Ops Lalang started???

Monday, September 8, 2008

From Politician to Racist. From Racist to Gangster : Umno

Malaysiakini (Read more here)

The act of breaking photo frame and tearing of photos of Gerakan acting president Dr Koh Tsu Koon by the former Penang Umno committee member Zainol Abidin Hashim, joined by his colleagues is nothing but showing UMNO is desperate and trying to destroy the racial relationship between Malays and Chinese.

I see this event of warning to Chinese by tearing off BN component party leader's picture is just to create another Mei 13 so that they can destroy their opponent. These barbarians have no regards of welfare of Malaysian citizen but only crazy of power and misuse the name of 'Melayu'. I hope the Malays are matured enough and decline attitude of these Barbarians.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Gerakan can get out from BN: Penang Umno chief

But the most intimidating threat came from former Bayan Lepas assembly person Mohd Zain, who warned “non-Malays to be extra careful with their deeds and words”.

“Don’t disturb and push the Malays too much. Don’t think we are quiet.

“We can retaliate very aggressively,” he thumped home amidst applause from supporters.

Qouted from Malaysiakini : Click here

This is what UMNO represent. Their own leaders admit that they are aggressive and supported with applause by UMNO members. Instead of apologizing for their racial slur, now they warning all malaysian non-malays with "aggressive attack" threat. This not 1st time they come out with such treat, remember Hisamudin with his keris? and some other UMNO leaders with parang and so on.

I hope all non-malays including sabahans and sarawakian take note this important point and I hope at least now we all realize who UMNO is. Within them they kept an unending racial rage that will never ever build a peaceful country.

Their statement and their way of handling non-malays issue clearly shows how low is their respect on us. Chinese, Indians, orang asli, Sarawakian and Sabahan is nothing more than a squatters and beggars in their eyes.

These people will never repent and will never change attitude. All non-Malays party within BN should leave BN immediately. Safe whatever little dignity left.

Gerakan have defended BN-UMNO so much, now a call "Get out from BN" is a slap on face for Gerakan. How Gerakan members gonna face opponent party now? Don't Gerakan feel shame when a political party that you guys called friend now spit right on your face???

Abandon BN, Join PKR!!!


From Waytha - The truth of how Hindraf struggles start


Friday, September 5, 2008


26 April 2008

Re: Today's Press Release by various quarters.

I refer to the various press releases issued by various quarters today in all 3 Tamil Dailies on the saga affecting HINDRAF.
For many Malaysians HINDRAF only gives an impression of a struggle on November 25th and the power of people's Makkal Sakti displayed on the day. It was a proud day for all Malaysian Indians as for once Indians in Malaysia were united for a single cause ie to make their plight known to the world.
But what people did not know that HINDRAF was initiated on a serious issue affecting the rights of non-muslims as a result of the M.Moorthy case in December 2005.
I myself was not directly involved in public life or on the forefront of defending Human Rights though Uthayakumar was well known then. At the most I was involved on the background in helping Uthayakumar in his cases particularly in the death in Police custody and the shoot to kill policy. I was a member of a social organization called Vivekananda Youth Movement in Seremban.
But the way the M.Moorthy issue was handled by NGO's in Malaysia including the MCCBHS was appalling that I decided that I was not going to let this pass like any other issues that went unnoticed and swept under the carpet. That was when with the help of Ramaji about 30 organisation representatives gathered at P.Uthayakumar's office and HINDRAF was formed as a coalition but unfortunately most of these organisations left within 2 weeks and I was left in the lurch without a committee. Despite this, single handedly I campaigned on the rights of non Muslims to practise their religion at the International level when I went on an international campaign in January 2006.

I was the first person in Malaysia to raise these serious violations of Human Rights particularly religious freedom at the International Forum i.e. at the US State Department, US Foreign Relations Committee, US Human Rights Caucus, various Senators and Congressman, Human Rights Watch (the most powerful human rights organisation in USA). From there I came to London to lobby support from the Amnesty International which had its International Headquarters in London, UK Parliament and met various MP's. I made sure all these campaigns were published in the Malaysian media but because religion was a sensitive issue in Malaysia only malaysiakini carried the news.
All these I did at the expense of scarifying my legal practice for more than a month, and at my own expenses with the help of an individual who was kind enough to understand my financial burden.

Most Indians never knew what and how I single handedly struggled during these times and the risk of being arrested under ISA for raising the matter at International level.
In March 2006 just after I returned I was approached by a small temple in Bangsar which was more than 100 years old which was demolished on 26th March 2006. Upon receiving call I attended to this temple and worked on the issue for more than 20 hours non stop and made sure this small poor working class temple demolition should not be swept under the carpet as usual and it became international news when wire agencies throughout the world picked up the news.
It was after this that Uthayakumar offered to help me and together we raise issues of thousands of Hindu temples being demolished in Malaysia. At the height of this I did a second International lobby for the issue. I and Uthayakumar can prove that we had written hundreds of letters/appeals/memorandums to the Agong, Sultans, PM, Attorney General,IGP, and world organisations. All these were done at our own expense which went into thousands of Ringgit. No one came forward to help us then. Demonstrations and protests were then pathetic with a handful of people beginning with about 20 people including me uthayakumar and my family members which included my only daughter who was only about 3 years old then. Demonstrations and protests were at its infancy stage.
Demonstrations in front of Bukit Aman were unthinkable. Demonstrations in the office building of the Attorney General (not outside) must have taken a lot of guts and to convince the handful of people to do it was a greater challenge. I can go on with the feats at Istana, sultans palace parliaments ect. Standing in front of the bulldozers at demolition of temple sites and getting manhandled by police and arrested was a norm then and we had good sympathisers like Manickavasagam and Jayathas who were equally roughed up. Where was the man who has been claiming he was the FOUNDER of Hindraf and where was the so called Secretary. I have evidence of photographs and video of these protests. On one occasion they attended, one was standing at the end of the crowd and another claimed he had headache and was sitting on the ground. It is only fair to say that while all these new kind of challenge was thrown at the Malaysian Government both Uthayakumar and myself had the genuine sympathy of two great personalities M.Manoharan and R.Kengadharan who had offered their legal services as their contribution to the cause.

We were relieved that one big burden was taken off our shoulders by these 2 lawyers and we could concentrate on the main issues.
But the point is most Malaysians never knew this history of HINDRAF. November 25th never came on its own. It came after I had decided to gamble all within myself to file a class action against the UK Government. Road shows we conducted throughout the country attended by thousands of curious supporters who wanted to know what the suit was about. The thousands who attended were impressed that we had a plan and vision for the Indian community. I had maintained that HINDRAF never had any political intentions, however we had political friends like Manoharan, Manickam, Jayathas and. It was during this time when suddenly Uthayakumar said we have the services of 2 new personalities Ganapathi Rao and Vasanthakumar. They joined us from September 2007 onwards (before we started the Roadshows) enthusiastically and we believed their sincerity. Ganapathi Rao being a lawyer was given opportunities to speak at our road shows on Malaysian Budget. Vasanthakumar had helped to organise
printing and other ground work. Upon his suggestion I later appointed him (upon my honest trust) as the pro tem Treasurer after which he opened a bank account under HINDRAF ENTERPRISE.
So in total the contributions of these 2 personalities were for 2 ½ months prior to their arrests under the ISA. They were not even there at the forum which adopted the 18 points demand that were to be submitted to the PM on 12th August 2007.
If their contributions are more than this then they should put it in writing for all to see what they had actually contributed.
This doesn't mean I do not appreciate their contributions. They have no doubt done their part. Though in January 2008 I discovered Vasanthakumar was planted by Police special branch to infiltrate HINDRAF I still took it upon me to campaign for his release as well for I appreciated whatever he had done during this short period. I had concealed the fact to protect the integrity of the new freedom movement which found genuine support from the masses who had placed their hope on this organisation to advocate their rights.
The two great personalities Manoharan and Kengadharan merely acted as Counsels and lawyers for Uthayakumar, I and the hundreds others who were later arrested on November 2007. For this there had to pay a high price i.e. arrest under the ISA. These were the information I had given to all my International lobby including the International Bar Association i.e. that Lawyers are detained for performing their duties.
HINDRAF's struggle is noble. I have always maintained my personal belief that this is a dharmic war and if it is indeed a dharmic war we would win eventually albeit all the backstabbing and badmouthing.
From September 2007 (road shows) thousands of well wishers had approached me for membership forms. I had always told them that if they were a true believer in the 18 point demands that we had submitted to the PM on 12th August 2008 and are willing to fight for their rights without fear or personal gain then they were members and there was no need for a registration form and subscription.
Though I left the country upon my release on 28th November 2008 I had done and am still doing all within my strength and capability to seek the release of the 5 detained. I had used my personal funds to travel throughout India UK Europe Geneva. The issue of the 5 HINDRAF leaders has been raised in the Tamil Nadu Parliament immediately upon my arrival in India thereafter in Parliament In New Delhi, Indian PM and Foreign Minister, Leaders of the opposition House of Parliament, Madam jayalalitha, Vaico, The Dalai Lama, UK Parliament, British MP's, House of Lords, The Parliament at Scotland,The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Commonwealth Secretariat, Amnesty International., Human Rights Trusts UK, Minority Rights International, International Bar Association, UK Bar Association, Law Society for England and Wales, World Organisation against Torture based in Geneva, United Nations Human Rights Council, International Red Cross, FIDH in France, Human Rights Commission in Brussels, Human Rights Commission in Holland, European Parliament to name some of the work I have done.

By using my base in England I managed to get a briefing organised for the first time at the US Congress on 8th April 2008 which was attended by Senators and Congressman, Civil and Human Rights organisations in US and the Malaysian embassy which was severally embarrassed. This was seen as an act of betrayal by the UMNO Government and hence they revoked my passport immediately. I am now a stateless person for doing what I felt right for Malaysian
While doing all the above I also manage HINDRAF from London and wherever I travelled. I plan the campaigns in Malaysia for the release of the 5 and for the basic rights of Malaysian Indians as per the 18 point demands submitted. I not only plan but execute the campaign in Malaysia from where I am. For this I have thousands of well wishers on the ground who take instructions from me and my 10 member interim committee which I formed in February 2008.
Today we have been stabbed by many within us. To cover himself Vasanthakumar has made accusations via his wife attacking me as a coward who ran away from problems and Raidu who had accused me of using children.
I sympathise for Mrs Vasanthakumar and her family for the naive hope and belief that has been placed before the truth by sinister. I offer my apologies to her for having to expose her husband at this stage.
As for Raidu he is not worth my effort to respond as his statements are sheer evil and ominous statements. He was a boy sitting in the front row of every road shows and enthusiastically clapping hands whenever each speaker made their points as if he was enlightened for the first time.
I urge all genuine HINDRAF supporters to remain calm, focussed and let us maintain our phase to seek our democratic rights. I maintain HINDRAF is not a membership seeking organisation nor is it keen to mislead the people.
We are here to advocate our basic rights even if it means permanent incarceration.

P.Waytha Moorthy
Currently in London

Thursday, September 4, 2008

“I am not apologetic because I didn’t do anything wrong,” : Chinese are still a squatters

“I am not apologetic because I didn’t do anything wrong,” the Umno division leader from Penang told Malaysiakini via telephone today.

Well well well! Then what did the PM and DPM apologized for? according this racist guy he grew up with chinese and indian friends. Now I challenge him to bring his Chinese and Indian friend to come forward to defends him. Can his friends say "Oh its alright if you call us pendatang" ??? I wont be surprised if MIC says that. ;)

Next action.

I want to see now what the UMNO will do and what MCA and MIC gonna say and do about this arrogant fellow.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Letter to Agenda Daily by YB Kula's Secretary : Maika Holding Debate

Agenda Daily
Kuala Lumpur


Dengan segala hormatnya merujuk kepada perkara diatas

Walaupun menunggu beberapa tahun namun tidak ada mana-mana pihak yang berani tampil kehadapan untuk memberi keterangan yang terperinci mengenai ‘APA YANG TERJADI KEPADA DUIT MAIKA HOLDINGS?’

Lebih-lebih lagi semua pelabur-pelabur ingin mengetahui kecacatan yang telah berlaku dalam segala urusan wang MAIKA dan juga dalam sistem pentadbirannya secara keseluruhan. Kenapakah sehingga hari ini DATO SERI S.SAMY VELLU

(Read more here)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hindraf : Our 100% Support for Waythamoorthy

"Our Heroes"

Dear fellow Indians of Malaysia, Hindraf's struggle is pure and for the benefit of our future generation. Recent chaos within the org is done by BN gov to break and hijack the organization. This will enable them to make us their slave again as we were under MIC before. "Tuan Melayu" will not exist without "hamba" right!

There is no point arguing and doubt Hindraf, many MIC suporters call Waythmoorthy to come back and solve things here, but can he really come back and solve things ? don't they know he will be arrested under ISA? or they pretending don't know about it.....or maybe these UMNO supporters(MIC) trying to play psychology to set up Waythamoorthy?

Dear Indian makkals, if UMNO can set up Anwar by planting traitor in PKR why not in Hindraf? Truly speaking there is no need for Sir Wathya to apologize, its a play by BN gov and we should condeem them and those who support them.

I can see some websites and newspaper trying to blame Hindraf leaders and challenging them by asking many questions. Let me tell MIC something :

"First of all go and get the History teacher out of education field, make her to publicly apologize, ministers too to apology for keeping silence and protecting her".

Got my message??? But this will not happen.

Mic is helpless, an ordinary teacher insults the whole Indian comunity, calling Indian womens as prostitute and you guys failed to take any significant action. How if a powerful minister abuse indians?? Anyway they did abused and bullied poor indians publicly. In many such cases MIC supported them rather than protecting Indians.

Look at Chinese, MCA ke DAP ke, when UMNO people called them squatters, "kena taruk from all corner" even DPM apologized.

But MIC??? They claimed they have their own way. What own way no one knows.

Just to add,

I will not forget the day MIC threaten Malaysian Indians in newspaper, the one page of STAR newspaper that made me to vote for PAS.