Monday, September 8, 2008

From Politician to Racist. From Racist to Gangster : Umno

Malaysiakini (Read more here)

The act of breaking photo frame and tearing of photos of Gerakan acting president Dr Koh Tsu Koon by the former Penang Umno committee member Zainol Abidin Hashim, joined by his colleagues is nothing but showing UMNO is desperate and trying to destroy the racial relationship between Malays and Chinese.

I see this event of warning to Chinese by tearing off BN component party leader's picture is just to create another Mei 13 so that they can destroy their opponent. These barbarians have no regards of welfare of Malaysian citizen but only crazy of power and misuse the name of 'Melayu'. I hope the Malays are matured enough and decline attitude of these Barbarians.


-naga- said...

"I must remind these idiots that if all the non-malays get together, we are bigger in number (including the Sarawak and Sabah)."

Hmmm doubt that.. Malays are 60% in this country. And all rest are just 40%, and thats including East Malaysians. As long as Malays are divided between UMNO and Malay opposition parties like PKR and PAS, then as non-Malays we still have hope.

The real problem will start when ALL Malays start voting for UMNO, and that's what UMNO is trying to do here i.e. create another May 13 so that Malays will feel threatened and start voting for UMNO.

Vj said...

I dont believe statistic given by BN. A lot of lies and untrue facts.

Voting UMNO? I don't thing so. They have gone too far in corruption and misuse power. Malays feed up with them...and there is no capable leader in UMNO.