Friday, September 5, 2008

Gerakan can get out from BN: Penang Umno chief

But the most intimidating threat came from former Bayan Lepas assembly person Mohd Zain, who warned “non-Malays to be extra careful with their deeds and words”.

“Don’t disturb and push the Malays too much. Don’t think we are quiet.

“We can retaliate very aggressively,” he thumped home amidst applause from supporters.

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This is what UMNO represent. Their own leaders admit that they are aggressive and supported with applause by UMNO members. Instead of apologizing for their racial slur, now they warning all malaysian non-malays with "aggressive attack" threat. This not 1st time they come out with such treat, remember Hisamudin with his keris? and some other UMNO leaders with parang and so on.

I hope all non-malays including sabahans and sarawakian take note this important point and I hope at least now we all realize who UMNO is. Within them they kept an unending racial rage that will never ever build a peaceful country.

Their statement and their way of handling non-malays issue clearly shows how low is their respect on us. Chinese, Indians, orang asli, Sarawakian and Sabahan is nothing more than a squatters and beggars in their eyes.

These people will never repent and will never change attitude. All non-Malays party within BN should leave BN immediately. Safe whatever little dignity left.

Gerakan have defended BN-UMNO so much, now a call "Get out from BN" is a slap on face for Gerakan. How Gerakan members gonna face opponent party now? Don't Gerakan feel shame when a political party that you guys called friend now spit right on your face???

Abandon BN, Join PKR!!!



vasantarao appalasamy said...

eventhough evryone get themself out from BN...
they wont change their Racist attitude...
What the hell leaders....!!

Vj said...

Let the components comes out and dissolve. The rest of them who remains in BN, let them rot and die with their racist ideology.