Friday, September 12, 2008

Hindraf: The Malaysian government is again stoking racial tension

The recent unprecedented upheaval by government controlled media coverage on racial tension based on one man's utterance clearly paves a way for the government to install fear and intimidation towards a fledging democracy.

Further the reminder from the army chief clearly indicates that the ruling government is taking desperate measures to silence the public who has now a growing realization that racism and intolerance are the root cause of most human rights violation that has marred our country for the last twenty two years.

Attempts by various current ruling administration personalities are exploiting, fostering and exacerbating racial and ethnical tensions in Malaysia to further their own personal and political objectives.

The Malaysian public must realize that racial tension is currently the ruling administration's only available trump card to hold to power to destroy the new found sense of fairness and equality in the society.

If this is allowed to continue unabated, this unwarranted racial threat will affect all of us as we try to nurture our country into a truly non-racial, democratic country.

The recent events in Malaysia has shown that the current generation of Malaysian are very concern with issues relating to racial discrimination and other forms of intolerance as their uppermost concern to enhance our nation socially and economically irrespective of origin.

HINDRAFf has often been portrait as a racialist movement by the ruling administration, yet the only thing that it had fought for was equality and fairness to live as a Malaysian as a rightful son of the soil against a regime that systematically discriminate and marginalize against a particular society.

The present Malaysian society in Malaysia irrespective of its race, color, creed and religion is rejuvenated for a cause of equality and fairness to build a better future for Malaysia for its multiracial and multicultural society rather playing into the racial and ethnicity ploy of the regime that was created Fifty one years ago.

HINDRAF calls upon the Malaysian public as their collective responsibility not to fall prey to the antics of the ruling administration and acknowledge that in reality the multiracial and multicultural society in Malaysia had contributed to build our nation for what it is today.

Waytha Moorthy



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