Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hindraf : Our 100% Support for Waythamoorthy

"Our Heroes"

Dear fellow Indians of Malaysia, Hindraf's struggle is pure and for the benefit of our future generation. Recent chaos within the org is done by BN gov to break and hijack the organization. This will enable them to make us their slave again as we were under MIC before. "Tuan Melayu" will not exist without "hamba" right!

There is no point arguing and doubt Hindraf, many MIC suporters call Waythmoorthy to come back and solve things here, but can he really come back and solve things ? don't they know he will be arrested under ISA? or they pretending don't know about it.....or maybe these UMNO supporters(MIC) trying to play psychology to set up Waythamoorthy?

Dear Indian makkals, if UMNO can set up Anwar by planting traitor in PKR why not in Hindraf? Truly speaking there is no need for Sir Wathya to apologize, its a play by BN gov and we should condeem them and those who support them.

I can see some websites and newspaper trying to blame Hindraf leaders and challenging them by asking many questions. Let me tell MIC something :

"First of all go and get the History teacher out of education field, make her to publicly apologize, ministers too to apology for keeping silence and protecting her".

Got my message??? But this will not happen.

Mic is helpless, an ordinary teacher insults the whole Indian comunity, calling Indian womens as prostitute and you guys failed to take any significant action. How if a powerful minister abuse indians?? Anyway they did abused and bullied poor indians publicly. In many such cases MIC supported them rather than protecting Indians.

Look at Chinese, MCA ke DAP ke, when UMNO people called them squatters, "kena taruk from all corner" even DPM apologized.

But MIC??? They claimed they have their own way. What own way no one knows.

Just to add,

I will not forget the day MIC threaten Malaysian Indians in newspaper, the one page of STAR newspaper that made me to vote for PAS.



vasantarao appalasamy said...

MALAYSIAN Indian always with HINDRAF!!! Savadi post bro!!

vasantarao appalasamy said...

HINDRAF(Malaysian Indian) is not political tools of DSAI but so far we are the political tools of MIC...
DSAI take care of everyone very much especially in PR's 5 states...
not like MIC not even help own Indian blood... Shame on u MIC... failed miserably to uplift the Malaysian ethnic Indian..
Bro VJ..!!!
keep on post such Articles...
Someone is trying to break up HINDRAF... especially MIC including (Putera MIC) fools..
Hey dr_vasan
don't forget most of the HINDRAF leaders are also Opposition party leaders?? Shame on u again, its clearly shows that only Pakatan Rakyat struggling for Indians betterment.. don't again try to split us!!!

dr_vasan said...
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dr_vasan said...
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