Friday, September 12, 2008

OPS "Lalang" or "Balang" : Don't Fall Into Their Trap

Dear Malaysians,

I request all to be calm and stay focus on our goal. They had released their ultimate weapon and waiting for us to fall into trap. No matter what, don't resort to any violence and street demo.

Malay Chinese Indian and all Malaysians let us together pray for safety of the ISA detainees and nation in general. More will be arrested I guess and they might be subject to torture and so on. Its all to provoke racial clash and declare emergency state to destroy people's voice.
Lets face it together.

To add point: The entire ISA crackdown blame will fall on Abdullah's head and force him to resign. I wont be surprise if Dr.M among those behind this.

Voice out loud condemning this Inhuman law by sms and emails (pls don't condemn any race or religion).

Soon evil will be destroyed. Truth will prevails!!!

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