Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kattabomman's Famous Vasanam

Who is the traitor of Indian community for 50 years in Malaysia? You guys know who is it. Lets boycott the Ethapans of Malaysia who betrayed Indians. As sign of protest on Hindraf ban, let us all join PKR.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Dammmm! Another ISA arrest?? :

A sure Hell for them.

A 26-year-old activist has been arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) tonight following a report she made accusing the police of abuse of power in yesterday’s controversial eviction of a squatter colony in Johor.


Cheng Lee Whee, a self-employed programmer who is a volunteer for human rights group Suaram, lodged the police report at the Permas Jaya police station in Johor Bharu at about 3pm yesterday.

The report was made in response to the forced eviction of squatters in Kampung Baru Plentong Tengah - a predominantly Malay village akin to Kuala Lumpur’s Kampung Baru - and the arrest of 27 individuals for attempting to stop the demolition of the settlement.

Kadavul Yenn Kallanal??

Enjoy the song spread the message : Abolish ISA.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

MIC-BN Banned In Malaysian Indian's Heart

My call for all Indians of Malaysia , lets all boycott MIC-BN. Join Opposition as sign of protest.

Semua rakyat Malaysia berketurunan India Jom kita ramai-ramai masuk PKR sebagai tanda protes kepada kerajaan BN kerana mengharamkan pertubuhan HINDRAF yang hanya memperjuangan hak asasi kaum India di Malaysia.

Mengharamkan HINDRAF sama seperti mengharamkan agama HINDU.
(err.. sounds like heard this somewhere. Maybe Utusan Malaysia or Maybe UMNO's politician. Yup its a modified version from them. See how they influence young poeple. Start the ban from extremist group like UTUSAN MALAYSIA)

Borang Pendaftaran PKR (Click Disini)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hindraf Banned : MIC Extinct

My message is short and clear : Lets abandon MIC forever. BN banned people from doing good for Malaysian Indians and MIC are part of them.

Every Indians in Malaysia with conscience must immediately leave this political party which brings no good to Indian community. Lets us 100% boycott them.

Now they will see the banning will only doubles the struggle and MIC sooner or later gonna extinct.


Hindraf Banning = Banning Hindus From Breathing

The banning is pointless. Its like telling us "Hey you are banned...from breathing". You know why? Because every single breath of ours says "Hin" (Inhale) "draf" (Exhale) .

So what they gonna do??? If Hindraf organize a prayers in temple, Home minister will order police to arrest them is it?? or If anybody wear orange T-Shirt with Uthaya Kumar's photo, they will be arrested too???

So stupid and idiotic act. The BN-UMNO running country like a bunch of monkey which do not know to how to handle a flower, they don't know how to differentiate between good and bad.

As we can't stop world from rotating,
As we can't stop wind from blowing,
As we can't stop Sun from Shining,
We can't stop the spirit of Hindraf from blossoming in every heart of Indians in Malaysia.

To BN-UMNO : You have to stop our breath to stop Hindraf.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Alleycats Deserves Datukship

I strongly suggest if Malaysia can give Datukship to foreign artist then they should give to local artist too. There are many who had contributed for musical industry in Malaysia and one of them who really derserves it is late Loganathan Arumugam and David from Alleycats group.

Can anyone deny their contribution for nation? Their songs are immortal and so do their contribution. Why no Datukship for them???

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Education Ministry Telling Lies

Can you believe this? My wife have been applying for teaching for 2 years but not selected till now and I knew many Indians applied too. What a lie by our Deputy Education Minister. The ratio of teachers based on race is roughly 50 malays : 3 Indians : 2 Chinese (in national school known to me). I can bet (my bonus, anybody?) that no national school in malaysia have teachers with ratio of 20 malays : 20 Indians : 20 Chinese .


Education Ministry says non Malays not interested in teaching job

By poobalan at 5:00 pm under BornInMalaysia | | View blog reactions

It would have been good if his claims were substantiated with statistics. The reason given by Deputy Minister Datuk Razali Ismail is that non-Malays are more interested in joining the private sector rather than the public sector as they feel the perks are better.

"From the feedback I get, they are not keen on making teaching their career. They prefer to become entrepreneurs as there are better prospects," he said.

The above statement seem to condemn the Malays as lacking motivation, entrepreneurship, and dependent on government. Hmm….

One other possible reason is that the teachers can be posted to any part in the country. Even my cousin who is getting married soon is worried that she will be posted away from the future husband's location. Secondly is the working environment in the schools - some are becoming very much alien as compared to those days - to much of religion. Even if teaching hours are shorter, the workload is heavy. Teachers might as well ask for normal 9 to 5 working hours. Finally, looking at discplinary issues in schools, teaching will soon be a high risk job. So, do one need all this trouble and stress?

Insisting that there is no quota system in the selection of teacher trainees, Deputy Minister Datuk Razali Ismail said although non-Malays are encouraged to join the service, many are still reluctant to do so.

"We are doing our best to attract the non-Malays but they are not applying. We do not select only Malays for teaching jobs," he said.

Razali said there is a shortage of Chinese and Tamil teachers not only in vernacular schools but in national schools as well.

"In fact, I had also spoken with my colleague Dr Wee Ka Siong (Deputy Minister) on the possibility of holding campaigns to attract the Chinese to become teachers.

"We need to get the numbers to correct the racial imbalance," he said Wednesday, adding that the ministry had also conducted "walk-in" interviews to attract non-Malays to teach in vernacular schools.

Razali was asked to comment if efforts are being made to get more non-Malays to join the teaching service to reflect the country's multi-racial composition.

Asked if the non-Malays are staying away from the profession as they are not considered for promotions, Razali denied it.

"We don't leave out the non-Malays when it comes to promotions. In fact, the ministry has even introduced the time-based promotions so that those eligible will be automatically promoted," he said.

I think the imbalance is so much now, until its beyond repair. Unless there's a discriminative policy to hire 70% non-Malays for the next 5 years (or something similar), the imbalance cannot be addressed. Just hiring few people per intake is meaningless

I suspect one reason why government sector needs non Malays is to take care of the office when festive season like Hari Raya occurs. Thus the racial imbalance needs to be addressed.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Serawak Issue : Irresponsible CM

"Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud says recent media reports on several issues in Sarawak are nothing but ‘lies’ aimed at destabilising the state."

For the truth will bring the bad name for the state gov and BN in general. I am afraid the victims will threaten to silence them and the case will be covered up by the authorities. All the Ngos must get down on the field to investigate this matter immediately. Rape case of minors is not a joke. It's a serious crime.

From my point of view the Chief Minister is not fit to be CM of Serawak. Instead of investigating the matter highlighted by media, he goes on denying the allegation. I am wondering for whom CM
Abdul Taib Mahmud working for, people of Serawak or logging companies???


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

PWTC Raya Open House - Actual Story in Pics

UMNO’s cowardly media campaign against HINDRAF.

So visiting the PM on a Hari Raya (Eid) is a grave sin committed by HINDRAF. An act of betrayal and insult to the Islamic religion – the masterminds should be arrested under the ISA or prosecuted under the existing Laws - so say the Malay extremist and fundamentalists organisations. Cabinet Ministers claim HINDRAF was extreme in barging into the PM’s open house and presenting a memorandum. Their seditious criticisms’ were carried out by the none other than the UMNO controlled daily Utusan and TV3.

So it was a grave sin. I challenge these fools to obtain evidence from over 30 odd TV crews and pressmen (both local and International media) and the numerous Police Special Branch units who covered , recorded and filmed the entire episode to make public their recordings so that the whole world could see the foolishness and low mentality of Malaysian politicians and their UMNO coolies who stir up racial sentiments for their own political survival.

There is no doubt that whenever there are serious problems within UMNO, the best solution (idiotic though) is to stir racial tension among races. UMNO creates problems and misleads the public with the strength and might of their media.

Let us see the pictures below which our supporters recorded.

It is for you to judge whether HINDRAF presence at PM’S OPEN HOUSE IS as an INSULT TO ISLAM ?

This card is interpreted by the Cabinet Ministers as memorandum. I wonder if they know what they are talking about. The simplest greeting card prepared by a 6 year old with the help of adult to express the feeling of HINDRAF supporters to the PM-And this is interpreted as an insult to the Islamic faith???

Salam Aidilfitri,
Semoga di hari mulia ini YAB akan diberkati rahmat Tuhan dan membebaskan semua tahanan ISA dan mendengar rintihan masyarakat India di bumi tercinta Malaysia.

Maaf Zahir batin”

The above wordings meant as follows,

“Happy Eid,
May in this auspicious day the Almighty bless you Mr PM and may you release all ISA detainees and hear the tears of the Indian community in this beloved Malaysia.
Seek Forgive and Forget"

So the above were interpreted as extreme by UMNO Ministers and their coolie NGO’s ??

Hey look onto the eyes of these kids. Don’t you see excitement and hope in their eyes. Excitement and hope that they are part of the change that are about to happen in the history of Malaysia. Look at this on the
above kid. Isn’t this “look Of hopes”??

Hey you came with hope too. You look so excited!! To see the PM eh!!!
You sure the UMNO Ministers have the intelligence to understand this ?? careful you might be termed extremist!!!.

The excitement of signing the card for PM!!!

The future generation taking part in today’ s campaign.

They came in hope but then came the naughty uncles to snatch the Raya (Eid) cards away. Apparently it contained “seditious materials” and its contents were a Threat to National Security!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Hindraf parent tried their best to rescue the creative greeting card made by the children.

The end product of the card and the disappointed fathers- children in tears and sadness.

How do we explain to them??????

HINDRAF well wishers queued accordingly contrary to what UMNO claims Under watchful eyes of police.

Contrary to media report HINDRAF supporters never went 4 the food but queued orderly to greet the PM

Now let us see how the Police are comfortable with HINDRAF

Hey everyone look comfortable.

Well looks like HISHAMUDIN & MRS never had problems with HINDRAF wishes. All in Good Aidilfitri spirits.

Pak Lah & Najib never had any problems RPK supporters wishing them. No insult to Islam!!!!!!!

MRS HINDRAF and Vwaishnawi wishes the PM and Najib looks on with all smiles. Sorry folks photo not clear.
Pak Lah accepted the wishes with smile and open heart. Najib is surely delighted!!!!!
Now now!!
You see the Naughty uncle is not happy with the appeal to PM and is pulling away MRS H .

In the meantime HINDRAF BABIES are awaiting their turn behind patiently. They look serious as they know they have an important task of delivering a clear message for their uncles to be released.
sorry folks! That’s the best we could get of the kiddies on camera with the PM. There were lots of pushing by the naughty uncles which prevented us from getting more photo shots.

Mission accomplished. Message and wishes
Delivered to PM Personally.

HINDRAF’s sincere wishes to PM is manipulated as using kids for political purpose and insulting Islam by NGO’s linked to UMNO.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

HINDRAF buat kecoh???: Utusan Kurang Ajar

Memang kurang ajar akhbar Utusan Malaysia dan mereka-mereka yang menuduh Hindraf bertindak agresif di majlis terbuka PM.

Saya cabar mereka bersumpah atas “kitab” suci mereka, betulkah Hindraf bertindak keterlaluan di majlis raya berkenaan?

Kerajaan BN Umno mesti ingat bahawa Hindraf telah sebati di dalam jiwa masyarakat India sebagai kumpulan yang memperjuangkan hak-hak orang India dan hak asasi manusia di Malaysia. Sebarang tuduhan yang dilemparkan kepada mereka adalah juga serangan kepada masyarakat India di Malaysia.

Saya harap BN sedar bahawa mereka semakin dibenci oleh rakyat kerana sikap keangkuhan mereka. Serangan media yang tidak berasas seperti akbhar Utusan Malaysia yang berselindung disebalik UMNO hanya akan memudaratkan keamanan Negara.

Utusan Malaysia harus dibatalkan lesennya serta merta. Sejak dahulu hingga sekarang akbhar ini memang cukup kurang ajar. Mereka sering memainkan sentimen perkauman dan agama untuk mencapai agenda mereka. Kita boleh ibaratkan akbar ini seperti “Duri Dalam Daging”, akbhar yang hanya merosakkan imej orang-orang melayu. Mereka berpura-pura memperjuangkan hak orang melayu tetapi sebenarnya adalah senjata media UMNO untuk memutar-belitkan kebenaran dan menipu rakyat agar terus dapat mengondol kekayaan Negara dan menjaga kepentingan sendiri. Saya berharap orang-orang melayu tidak termakan akan penipuan-penipuan yang ditulis oleh akhbar seperti Utusan ini.

Saya juga kesal kerana banyak Ngos dan individu hanya mengertak untuk menyaman akbar Utusan Malaysia ini tetapi tidak mengambil apa-apa tindakan yang konkrit. Saya berharap mereka yang ingin mengambil tindakan ke atas akbhar ini tidak hanya melepaskan batuk ditangga tetapi mengambil tindakan segera sebelum terlambat. Pada perkiraan saya, akbar ini membahayakan keselamatan Negara dan perlu dihentikan segera aktiviti-aktiviti mereka yang menggugat kesejahteraan Negara.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Raya Wishes

Wishing All Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir Batin

Kepada PM dan menteri kabinet: Bebaskan Semua Tahanan ISA Sebagai Hadiah Raya Bagi Rakyat Malaysia.