Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hindraf Banned : MIC Extinct

My message is short and clear : Lets abandon MIC forever. BN banned people from doing good for Malaysian Indians and MIC are part of them.

Every Indians in Malaysia with conscience must immediately leave this political party which brings no good to Indian community. Lets us 100% boycott them.

Now they will see the banning will only doubles the struggle and MIC sooner or later gonna extinct.



RoyRajRajan said...

whats next???

balan said...

Not sure if this ban make sense as HINDRAF is not a legal organisation in the first place.

As a moderate Indian Malaysian, I don’t agree or support HINDRAF (maybe one of the few Indian who do not support HINDRAF in Malaysia).

No, I’m not a BN Supporter.

The approach, writing and rhetorics incites hatred towards others. They are another organisation hiding behind race, religion, temples and schools. Their arguements are flimsy and does not make much sense.

For alternative views on HINDRAF, from a Indian Malaysian point of view, , please visit (AUg/Sept/Oct Archive)

Vj said...

Whats next? Kita protest. As sign of my protest. I am joining PKR.

Balan I appreciate ur standing on Hindraf. No two person can have a same dream right?

Hindraf hypocrites? Let it be.
Hindraf hiding behind race? Let it be.
Hindraf hiding behind religion? let it be bro.

I only gives important to the motive and the purpose of the struggle.

Hindraf does not comes out for accumulating wealth nor fame. They asking for basic human rights for everybody.

Things u might have missed while expressing ur view:

Estimated 50,000 Indians in these country living without identity card and birth certificate. Where did they came from? I dont remember Malaysia took 50,000 foreign indians worker who can stay here illegally nor do I remember of anything like illegal indians took boats from india to enter Malaysia.

I suggest to bro..first burns all ur legal documents, take away ur own freedom by locking up youself in a room for two years.

Then maybe you can give me another round of you view.

Salam Reformasi