Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hindraf Banning = Banning Hindus From Breathing

The banning is pointless. Its like telling us "Hey you are banned...from breathing". You know why? Because every single breath of ours says "Hin" (Inhale) "draf" (Exhale) .

So what they gonna do??? If Hindraf organize a prayers in temple, Home minister will order police to arrest them is it?? or If anybody wear orange T-Shirt with Uthaya Kumar's photo, they will be arrested too???

So stupid and idiotic act. The BN-UMNO running country like a bunch of monkey which do not know to how to handle a flower, they don't know how to differentiate between good and bad.

As we can't stop world from rotating,
As we can't stop wind from blowing,
As we can't stop Sun from Shining,
We can't stop the spirit of Hindraf from blossoming in every heart of Indians in Malaysia.

To BN-UMNO : You have to stop our breath to stop Hindraf.


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