Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Serawak Issue : Irresponsible CM

"Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud says recent media reports on several issues in Sarawak are nothing but ‘lies’ aimed at destabilising the state."

For the truth will bring the bad name for the state gov and BN in general. I am afraid the victims will threaten to silence them and the case will be covered up by the authorities. All the Ngos must get down on the field to investigate this matter immediately. Rape case of minors is not a joke. It's a serious crime.

From my point of view the Chief Minister is not fit to be CM of Serawak. Instead of investigating the matter highlighted by media, he goes on denying the allegation. I am wondering for whom CM
Abdul Taib Mahmud working for, people of Serawak or logging companies???


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