Thursday, December 4, 2008

ISA Hak orang Melayu : Joke by Mat rempits

Hahaha! What a stupid ideology. The idea must be from UMNO goons. Their argument and reason to support ISA looks artificial and these guys looks like Mat rempit whom paid to disturb anti-ISA forum to me. I guess next thing they will say "Rasuah Hak Orang Melayu", What a disgrace to Malay race....pity...pity .

Watch the video.


-naga- said...

What a disgrace!! These guys don't even know how to defend what they stand for. All Mat Rempits invited and paid money just to wear that T-shirt and stand around like dickheads. Sigh..

சதீசு குமார் said...

சிரிப்பு வருது சிரிப்பு வருது..
சிரிக்க சிரிக்க சிரிப்பு வருது..