Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lim Guang Eng cheated Kg Buah Pala people

Yeah I knew this will happen. They never mention about double story house in the construction board. DAP a liar!!!! Lim must resign now.

Budget 2009 must bring in working-class Indians

Dear Prime Minister,

We are a recently formed political party, the Human Rights Party Malaysia (HRP), which is pending registration. We refer to your recent request to the rakyat for proposals to be incorporated in the upcoming Budget for 2010. Our humble proposals, not quantified monetarily due to lack of data and time constraints, are as follows:

1. Minimum Wage

1. We propose that a minimum wage be set at RM1,200 per month, and, RM50 a day (RM6.25 per hour) for piece rate or daily paid wage-earners, for all Malaysian citizens, so as to uplift them from low wages and concomitant poverty. This will, in one sweep move the lowest paid workers' family above the poverty line of RM691 under the 9MP. The average minimum wage of RM325 agreed for oil palm plantation workers from Jan 1, 2001 will give those workers a real wage of only RM258.55 in Jan 1, 2010.

2. Repatriation of illegal foreign workers and cessation of intake of foreign labour

2.1 Simultaneous to the above minimum wage for Malaysians, we propose that it be accompanied with the repatriation of 500,000 foreign workers so as to create and augment employment opportunities for Malaysians.

2.2 The repatriation of foreign workers would largely be confined to the illegal workers who are estimated by sociologists to number 1.5 million in the peninsula alone.

2.3 To ensure that the effect of the minimum wage increase is not diluted but enhanced, the repatriation of foreign workers must be simultaneous to the setting of minimum wages for Malaysians.

2.4 To bring about a restructuring of the Malaysian economy and society, there should be a capping of the intake of unskilled foreign labour so as to force the automation and mechanisation of work.

2.5 Once again this policy would be widespread and could only be a gain to all Malaysians, particularly the marginalised and impoverished bottom strata of Malaysian society.

3. Alienation of one million acres of land for the technologically advanced farming of high- yielding grains, vegetables, fruits, livestock and aqua--culture

3.1 As in previous schemes like Felda, Felcra, Fama, Risda, Kejora, Keda, Kesedar, Ketengah, Agropolitan etc, e propose that one million acres of land be alienated to Malaysians of all races equitably for the technologically advanced farming of high yielding grains, vegetables, fruits, livestock and aqua-culture.

3.2 We rank 8th , 11th and 12th respectively in terms of per capita import of corn, rice and wheat worldwide; this is critical considering that global grain reserves are estimated at 40 days as of 2008. This will also increase the existing agricultural land from 78,700 sq km to 82,746 sq km.

3.3 The purpose of this scheme is to be increasingly self-sufficient in food supply, and if possible for export, as well as to restructure the economy so that no ethnicity is identified with any sector of the economy.

3.4 As previous schemes mostly benefitted the Malay community, further entrenching them in agriculture, we propose this scheme be opened to a larger and more equitable participation by all Malaysians, particularly the working class Indians, without prejudice.

4. Franchise schemes

4.1 We propose that PNB should now extend its mission to provide total franchise solutions to all Malaysians. The time has come for Malaysians, especially working class Indians, to be allowed into all mainstream development programmes that are available.

4.2 We also propose that the licensing requirements under the Franchise Act 1998 be relaxed together with the removal of race-based requirements in submissions of annual Reports for the franchisers or the master franchise.

5. Establishment of an Anti-Race Discrimination Commission and an Equal Opportunities Commission

5.1 We note that in the past, many proposals and schemes did not filter down to the masses as intended, or were not implemented, or were not equitably distributed, or were hijacked by corrupt parties, and this was the bane of the NEP.

As such we propose that an Anti-Race Discrimination Commission and an Equal Opportunities Commission be established for the specific purpose of acting as a watchdog and ensuring that government policy be implemented as intended, and be distributed equitably, specifically not excluding the working class Indians.

This commission should be similar to the Commission for Racial Equality and the Equality and the Human Rights Commission of the United Kingdom.

5.2 This commission would be set-up with powers to enforce what is already budgetary and government policy, including the following:
5.2.1 Enforcement of minimum wage in the private sector
5.2.2 Monitoring of the repatriation of illegal foreign workers
5.2.3 Equitable distribution of land alienated for the purpose of agriculture, livestock and aqua-culture (as in para 3 above).

5.3 To show transparency and sincerity, an official prime minister's circular should not only be issued but made public and specifically also forwarded to us for our follow-up in the implementation thereto. This would prove the government's commitment and sincerity.

After all, Article 8 of the federal constitution provides for equality before the law and equal protection before the law and Article 12 provides for no discrimination on the grounds of race and religion.

5.4 In addition, the Implementation and Coordination Unit of the Prime Minister's Department must be made responsible for the implementation of the prime minister circulars and the budget as a whole, as well as provide monthly updates on their website (that is, when they are up and running again) on the latest status of what has been achieved vis-a-vis the budget.

An example of long overdue implementation will be the yet-to-be-seen allocation of RM100 million for the re-development of Tamil schools as announced in the last budget, of which not a single sen has filtered down.

This when the monies could have been put to use immediately on a lesser number of schools if the initial allocation had been too small, as it has proven to be.

6. All Tamil schools to be made fully aided

6.1 On this budget, an announcement should be made by the prime minister, reiterating an earlier government announcement, that with effect from Budget 2009, all the 523 Tamil schools are to be fully-aided government schools with equal budgets, facilities, resources and teaching staff.

Simultaneously, a policy should be introduced that Tamil and Chinese be taught in all national schools during regular school hours with effect from Jan 1, 2010 onwards.

7. Micro-credit schemes and small business loans extended to non-bumiputeras

7.1 We propose that micro-credit schemes such as the Tabung Ekonomi Kumpulan Usaha Niaga (Tekun) be extended to all Malaysians regardless of race. Right now there is only token assistance to non-bumi small businessmen.

A meaningful extension of the policy to favour all Malaysians would ensure the wide spreading and flourishing of small businesses and a reduction of loan sharks (Ah Longs) and the attendant crimes.

7.2 Licenses must be issued to entrepreneurs in the scrap yard and recycling industries. It is inconceivable that businesses that play such an invaluable role in managing dwindling resources are persecuted because they are unable to obtain the necessary licenses.

8. Amanah Saham Scheme for working class Indians

8.1 The Indians' equity stake in Malaysia has fallen to 1.1%. We propose that the government take concrete steps to rectify this dismal state of affairs by launching a brand new Amanah Saham Scheme in Budget 2010 specifically for the Indian working class.

This scheme is targeted for Indian Malaysians earning less than RM1,200 per month but will be open to all Indian Malaysians earning less than RM3,000 per month.

8.2 The proposed Amanah Saham Scheme must be launched with an initial annual fund size of RM2 billion and be structured with the availability of a government-backed loan scheme at a preferential interest rate of not more than 2.5% per annum (similar to yield of a 3-year Malaysian government security). Current outstanding MGS issues stand at RM229 billion.

8.3 All other terms must be kept similar to that of Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020.

9. Reclassify the plantation sector from the Plantation Industries and Commodities Ministry to the Rural and Regional Development Ministry

9.1 We propose this transference of the plantation sector from one ministry to another as the plantation population are better served under the rural development ministry which is better able to care of the social needs of the rural population.

Agencies like Felda, Felcra, Risda, etc, come under this ministry and are better able to meet the needs of the rural population particularly when they get displaced when plantations are phased out. This is nothing more than a reclassification of departments from one ministry to another.

10. Resettlement of urban poor into government housing schemes

10.1 Resettlement of all urban poor communities should be carried out on a programmed basis into well-planned government housing schemes rather than in an ad hoc manner, on the occasion of their eviction when private development occurs.

This will avoid all the incumbent conflicts and abuses that are currently associated with private development on land occupied by these urban poor communities.

11. Legal aid for criminal cases

11.1 In order to serve justice to the poor, we propose a fully-funded government legal aid fund for all criminal cases as a fundamental right for all Malaysians earning RM5,000 and below per month. This proposal would be seen as Malaysia taking the steps to ensure justice is served fairly and equitably. This should be modelled along the United Kingdom Legal Services Commission.

12. Conclusion

12.1 We request that working-class Indians be brought into the national mainstream development of Malaysia rather than on ad hoc race-based specific allocations that do not filter down. Kindly therefore provide and announce the necessary allocations for all our aforesaid proposals that benefit all Malaysians and cannot be faulted on any grounds.

The writers are pro-tem central committee members, Human Rights Party Malaysia.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bagan Pinang By Election- UMNO Wins

Lost in Bagan Pinang by election. Is this enough for PKR ??? or they want more in next next coming elections. Kg Buah Pala issue and some troubles made by PAS in Selangor may have made Indians and some part of chinese voters frust with PKR.

This is a good lesson for PAS too. By neglecting non-muslim's rights, don't even dream to win seats in coming elections (other than Kelantan).

While BN is going uphill PKR is going down hill.

Kg Buah Pala Demolished- DAP responsible for this mess

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Wishing happy Malaysia day to all Malaysian!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Uthaya is just another hypocrite???

An Indian blog had describe Uthaya as hypocrite. Following are their argument:

"After few months promising that he will not organise any street protest. Read here- Hindraf's Uthayakumar: No more street protests- Yesterday night he organised another protest to show his dissatisfaction. In fact, race based street protest will only increase the racial tensions in our nation. I know that the candlelight vigil was a cheap publicity for his new race based party, Human Rights Party (HRP).

Mr Uthaya, where is your ‘landmark plan’ that you said you have been created in your detention in ISA? Is it another lips service like MIC? Why you people never change? Please don’t cheat the Malaysian Indian anymore. You race based party is not relevant for multiracial Malaysia and definitely your cheap publicities never work!
Well it's easy to condemn people rather than appreciate them. This is the weakness of Malaysian Indian. They simply can't appreciate somebody who have done good for them and sacrifice for them. In short they are ungrateful.

These people(some bloggers) trying to be HERO by condemning others but fail to realize that they themself are ZERO. These bloggers are Hero only in talking but Zero in action.

This person who wrote about Uthaya being hypocrite is actually did not realize something. Candlelight Vigil is organized by Hindraf not Uthaya's political party. It is not a protest but aimed to unite Malaysians. This person who called himself "Bangsa Malaysia" should open dictionary and find the differents between Candlelight Solidarity Vigil and protest.

Well what can we expect in this Kaliyuga, even Mahatma Gandhi who sacrificed himself to liberate India from British was shoot dead by his own countrymen.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Just received an email from friend regarding PETRONAS. Read bellow:

Most of us are aware of the unofficial quota system employed by Petronas in awarding contracts, jobs and tenders..(for those who don't know a ridiculous 90% for bumi's and 10% percent to be shared by all other races!!!). However, it has come to our knowledge that from now on 100% of dealings with petronas must be by a bumi company (unless there are no bumi co's in specialized fields).All non-bumi contractors have been politely told not to waste their time.

Petronas fuel stations will from now on only be given to bumi's and for the existing non - bumi run petrol stations, their contracts will be nullified and given to bumis.. This from our national petroleum company.

Many non-bumis in the Klang Valley are now boycotting all petronas stations and all petronas products, and suggest the rest of you do the same as a silent protest. please forward this mail to as many non bumis as possible.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

KG Buah Pala: Lim Guang Eng Resign Now!!!

PKR is responsible for the demolition of Kg Buah Pala. Though they did try to help, but its not enough and they just 'lepas batuk ditangga'. CM Lim Guang Eng people are not fit to run the state government. There no bigger humiliation than not able to keep up your promises during election time. All "Rotten" PKR politician... I mean alll must resign their post.

Anguish etches the face of Muniammah, 75, at the front door of her home, as she stares out at an uncertain future. – Photo by Anil

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cow Head and 1 Malaysia Story

It's look like somebody in Selangor is very desperate to create chaos among Muslim and Hindus. After Beng Hock now religion issue. Why are they doing this? The reason is no other than to wrestle back the Selangor state gov from PKR with cheap tacticks.

The inaction of police who very often disturb peaceful assembly with FRU and tear gas is condemned and held responsible for this unrest among Malaysians for not aressting this extremist. We wont be surprise that these goons will just walk scot free as I believed they are protected by police.

If you ask me did the action (cow) hurt me? Yess.. very much. What the poor cow did to these Malay guys until its head slaughtered, stumped and spit on?? Where is mercy in their heart? If they think cow is Hindu then it is haram to consume them right???

I am wondering what happened to the cow head finally? May endded up as curry "kepala lembu" in their house.

Salam 1 Malaysia 1 Kepala Lembu

Friday, July 17, 2009

MACC Responsible for The Death of Teo

A very sad death and Malaysians are helpless against this beast called MACC and police. Below I list down what might had happen to the unlucky Teo:

1. Tortured, then died. To close the case , his body thrown out of window.Then reported as suicide.

2. Teo might have jumped out of window because can't tolerate the torture.

3. Dragged to window to threaten him but accidentally the officers pushed him down.

4. While resting on sofa and nobody around, someone pushed him out of window.

As the story told by MACC that he jumped out of window. How did they know that he jumped? Did anyone saw him jumping? Something is very wrong here. MACC officials very quick in reporting to the media that he suicide.

What ever happened in that building, MACC is responsible for the death.

My heart strongly feels that Teo is murdered and this will just become another case like Kugan who tortured and murdered in police detention early this year. Nobody will be arrested and the culprit will get away as usual.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hindraf 3 released ; Hero Vows to Continue Struggle

It's a happy day and also a victory for makkal sakthi/people power. Uthaya's bravery really inspiring .

He vowed to continue Hindrafs struggle and all of us surely will stand firm behind Uthaya for all his effort/plan to help Indian community.

Jai Makkal Sakthi!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Speaker DUN Perak diseret keluar

Sungguh tak disangka BN akan melakukan perkara yang sangat keji seperti ini. Segala harapan rakyat pada PM baru dengan konsep "1Malaysia" musnah.

Kerajaan Barisan Nasional akan menerima akibatnya pada pilihanraya umum ke 13 nanti. Saya pasti rakyat sungguh marah dengan tindakan mereka di persidangan hari ini. Tidak kurang marahnya kepada PDRM juga kerana telah merosakan Democracy di negara ini.

Tunggulah GE ke 13 nanti!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nationwide Paurnami Prayers for P.Waytha and P.Uthaya health recovery

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nationwide Paurnami Prayers for P.Waytha and P.Uthaya health recovery

Hi all,

As most of knew by now, both the key Hindraf leaders are sick and need urgent medical attention.

These 2 souls have sacrified life for the betterment of Malaysian Indians all these while and been living in a very disturbing condition now.

P.Uthaya suffers in the detention under draconian ISA and added with less medical attention and with "silent killing" methodology approach by UMNO lead government.

Whereas Hindraf Chairman whom self exile in London is currently bed ridden due to his heart complication. His heart condition worsen from the day he left the nation and been extermely stressing himself alone while doing the international lobby to highlight and pledge by the minority Malaysian Indians.

Let us all join in the prayers or do a simple pooja at every home for these souls whom fighting their life to ensure our life and next generation's life goes better.

Below are some of the temples that conducting prayers on 10th March 2009, 7.00 pm onwards:-

1. Kuil Sri Karpaga Vinayagar

Sg Gandis, Kg Jawa, Klang, Selangor

2. Kuil Sri Durga Ambal

Kuala Lukut, Port Dickson, Ng. Sembilan

Contact Person - Mr Sivam 019 662 1948

3. Kuil Subramaniar

Jalan Kerling, Kerling, Perak

Other temples and prayers are;

1. Kuil Sri Maha Mariamman

Kamunting, Taiping, Perak

13 March 2009, 7 pm

Pls do arrange more prayers and light up the agal vilaku.

Do contact to post the details.



Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gangster UMNO Kacau Parlimen

Inilah dia yang dikatakan gangster UMNO!!! Rakyat sekalian sendiri lihat sikap mereka ini yang biadap. Dulu bila orang awam nak bagi petition di parlimen, polis kawal parlimen macam nak berlaku rusuhan. Orang awam dibelasah dan macam-macam aniya dilakukan oleh kerajaan BN UMNO ke atas orang awam.

Tapi sekarang bila gangster UMNO menyerang ahli parlimen pengawal dan polis buat tak tahu.

Inilah kerajaan BN UMNO. Yang mereka tahu ialah menjerit, mengeluarkan kata-kata kesat, menyerang orang tanpa sebab, membuat kecoh dan berlagak gangster. Tapi polis akan hanya lihat dan diam sahaja.

Sungguh memalukan!!!
Very very disgusting!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Dear friends,




PADA : 22.02.09


SELVAM : 012-7080327 , SURESH- 016-7764502 , ELAM -012-7284315,
J.P GANESAN : 019-7785201 ,016-7300349, 016-7422500, 016-7161034. 012-7595965



Friday, February 13, 2009

Thaipusam O Thaipusam!!!

This is devotion towards Lord Muruga ? or Football?
Anyway it looks good.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Faces of Betrayer : People of Perak Cheated, Money Wins - Malaysiakini

Barisan Natioanal had proven that Money can buy everything, including these cheap politician who betrayed people of Perak who voted them.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2009 : Anther Killing of a Malaysian Indian in Police custody

Another bad start for Malaysian Indian in 2009. They are again and again being targeted by BN-UMNO's police. Another death in police custody and this time also it's an indian, Malaysian Indian. Tortured and believed beaten to death.

A.Kugan 22 years old detained for 5 days and found dead on Jan 20th 2009 in police custody. I don't have to elaborate more, just see the video and picture below and you will understand what I am talking about.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

PAS is Victorious

Congrats to PKR and PAS. Congrats too to all KT people who reject BN-UMNO. Another good lesson for arrogant UMNO.

Semoga pemimpin-pemimpin BN-UMNO sedar bahawa kebencian BN-UMNO telah menebal dengan meluasnya dikalangan masyarakat. Wahai UMNO betulkanlah kesalahan-kesalahan anda terhadap rakyat sebelum terlambat.

Mulakanlah dengan penghapusan ISA dan kemudian memberi tumpuan kepada golongan miskin negara ini tanpa mengira kaum. Hapuskan rasuah dan tangkap semua pemimpin-pemimpin yang bergelumang dengan rasuah dan salah guna kuasa.

Jai Makkal Sakthi!!!