Friday, July 17, 2009

MACC Responsible for The Death of Teo

A very sad death and Malaysians are helpless against this beast called MACC and police. Below I list down what might had happen to the unlucky Teo:

1. Tortured, then died. To close the case , his body thrown out of window.Then reported as suicide.

2. Teo might have jumped out of window because can't tolerate the torture.

3. Dragged to window to threaten him but accidentally the officers pushed him down.

4. While resting on sofa and nobody around, someone pushed him out of window.

As the story told by MACC that he jumped out of window. How did they know that he jumped? Did anyone saw him jumping? Something is very wrong here. MACC officials very quick in reporting to the media that he suicide.

What ever happened in that building, MACC is responsible for the death.

My heart strongly feels that Teo is murdered and this will just become another case like Kugan who tortured and murdered in police detention early this year. Nobody will be arrested and the culprit will get away as usual.

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vasantarao appalasamy said...


you are true, but MACC admit that?