Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cow Head and 1 Malaysia Story

It's look like somebody in Selangor is very desperate to create chaos among Muslim and Hindus. After Beng Hock now religion issue. Why are they doing this? The reason is no other than to wrestle back the Selangor state gov from PKR with cheap tacticks.

The inaction of police who very often disturb peaceful assembly with FRU and tear gas is condemned and held responsible for this unrest among Malaysians for not aressting this extremist. We wont be surprise that these goons will just walk scot free as I believed they are protected by police.

If you ask me did the action (cow) hurt me? Yess.. very much. What the poor cow did to these Malay guys until its head slaughtered, stumped and spit on?? Where is mercy in their heart? If they think cow is Hindu then it is haram to consume them right???

I am wondering what happened to the cow head finally? May endded up as curry "kepala lembu" in their house.

Salam 1 Malaysia 1 Kepala Lembu

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