Monday, September 7, 2009

Uthaya is just another hypocrite???

An Indian blog had describe Uthaya as hypocrite. Following are their argument:

"After few months promising that he will not organise any street protest. Read here- Hindraf's Uthayakumar: No more street protests- Yesterday night he organised another protest to show his dissatisfaction. In fact, race based street protest will only increase the racial tensions in our nation. I know that the candlelight vigil was a cheap publicity for his new race based party, Human Rights Party (HRP).

Mr Uthaya, where is your ‘landmark plan’ that you said you have been created in your detention in ISA? Is it another lips service like MIC? Why you people never change? Please don’t cheat the Malaysian Indian anymore. You race based party is not relevant for multiracial Malaysia and definitely your cheap publicities never work!
Well it's easy to condemn people rather than appreciate them. This is the weakness of Malaysian Indian. They simply can't appreciate somebody who have done good for them and sacrifice for them. In short they are ungrateful.

These people(some bloggers) trying to be HERO by condemning others but fail to realize that they themself are ZERO. These bloggers are Hero only in talking but Zero in action.

This person who wrote about Uthaya being hypocrite is actually did not realize something. Candlelight Vigil is organized by Hindraf not Uthaya's political party. It is not a protest but aimed to unite Malaysians. This person who called himself "Bangsa Malaysia" should open dictionary and find the differents between Candlelight Solidarity Vigil and protest.

Well what can we expect in this Kaliyuga, even Mahatma Gandhi who sacrificed himself to liberate India from British was shoot dead by his own countrymen.

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