Monday, May 17, 2010

Sibu Election - PKR Losing Indians Support

Recent 2 by-elections shows that PKR need Indians vote to capture Putrajaya. The result also shows that PKR is rapidly losing support from Indian community.

In Sibu there is no Indians voter, majority is Chinese. Dap trough PKR have done a lot for Chinese community so they won.

But PKR-Dap lost in Ulu Selangor simply because they ignored indian's problem right from the beginning, plus labeling Indians as racist. PKR refuse to solve even a critical indian issue but trying to cover up things with announcing empty promises (just like what BN-UMNO did for past 50 years).

PKR and it's leaders must act now and fulfill what they promise the Indians during last GE if they want to see their dream comes true, that is capturing Putrajaya.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Peguam mohon Sultan dibawa keluar HUSM???

Peguam mohon Sultan dibawa keluar HUSM??? Oh my God. Now who is the "Raja" /King in Malaysia??? looks like Kelantan's Sultan don't have a say on where he wants to have his treatment.

What is happening in Malaysia??? Why Raja Perempuan dragged like cow??? (Malaysiakini).

Where is all the Malay Ngos who shouted on protecting Raja-raja Melayu??? Where is PERKASA??? No single word of them on what happening to Kelantan's Sultan.

Peguam mohon Sultan dibawa keluar HUSM
Salhan K Ahmad
Mei 7, 10
Sultan Kelantan Tuanku Sultan Ismail Petra Tengku Yahya Petra hari ini memfailkan satu writ habeas corpus berhubung penahanan yang didakwa dialami oleh baginda.

Permohonan itu merupakan kes pertama seumpamanya yang akan didengar di Mahkamah Khas sejak ditubuhkan pada 1993.

Permohonan ini akan mula didengar di Mahkamah Khas di Putrajaya Isnin ini, dengan diketuai oleh Ketua Hakim Negara, Tun Zaki Azmi.

Ia difailkan pada kira-kira jam 11.45 pagi ini melalui enam peguam mewakili baginda.

Raja Aziz Addruse yang mengetuai barisan peguam berkenaan berkata, permohonan hanya dapat difailkan hari ini setelah mereka berjaya mendapatkan arahan daripada ahli keluarga diraja itu.

"Biar saya jelaskan begini, afidavit ini difailkan untuk menyokong permohonan writ habeas corpus yang disahkan oleh Tengku Temenggong," kata Raja Aziz yang bercakap dalam sidang media di Kuala Lumpur hari ini.

Jelasnya, arahan itu tidak semestinya dikeluarkan oleh Tuanku Ismail Petra sendiri.

"Tidak penting bagi kita bahawa (arahan) diberikan oleh baginda. Jika dia tidak (mampu) bertindak sendiri, orang lain boleh mengarahkan untuk kita membawa (permohonan habeas corpus) bagi pihak baginda," kata Raja Aziz (kanan).

Beliau juga mengesahkan bahawa para peguam berjaya mendapatkan arahan daripada ahli keluarga Tuanku Ismail Petra secara berperingkat-peringkat sejak tiga hari lalu.

Seorang lagi peguam, Gobind Singh Deo berkata afidavit tersebut dibuat oleh Tengku Temenggong kerana peguam gagal untuk berjumpa Tuanku Ismail Petra dan raja perempuan Tengku Anis Tengku Abdul Hamid.

"Kami pergi ke hospital (HUSM Kubang Kerian) dengan afidavit dan juga (seorang) komisioner dengan niat untuk mendapatkan pengesahan (tuanku). Tapi kami tidak dibenarkan berjumpa dengan tuanku," katanya.

Lima pihak yang dinamakan sebagai responden dalam permohonan itu termasuk Ketua Polis Kelantan, Ketua Polis Negara, Ketua Pengarah HUSM Kubang Kerian.

Juga dinamakan ialah Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) dan juga Kerajaan Malaysia.

Sehubungan itu, kerajaan juga dituntut supaya membuat penjelasan berhubung layanan yang diberikan ke atas Sultan Kelantan yang didakwa telah dinafikan hak dan kebebasannya.

Dalam sidang media sama, seorang lagi peguam, Datuk Param Cumaraswamy berkata pihak polis perlu membuat penjelasan segera dalam isu melibatkan penahanan baginda tuanku.

"Kedua-dua ketua polis negeri Kelantan dan ketua polis negara ada banyak penjelasan yang perlu dibuat, mengapa sultan diperlakukan sebegitu rupa.

"Mereka bertanggungjawab (untuk jelaskan) kepada rakyat dan perlu bertanggungjawab atas segala tindakan yang telah diambil," katanya lagi.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

15 Years Old Shoot Dead by Police : Next What? 10 years old???

There is no age limit for police shoot and kill in Malaysia.

So whats next???
Is it could be :

10 Year old dangerous criminal Shoot Dead

Step 1) A boy suspect were behaving suspiciously.

Step 2) Police followed him

Step 3) He saw the police and run off.

Step 4) The police gave chase.

Step 5) The suspects urined at the police boot.

Step 6) Police in self defense shot back and the suspects were instantaneously killed in the encounter.

Step 7) The suspect alleged series of previous involvement in serious crimes.

Step 8 ) The police found a knife in his pocket

Step 9) The dead police murder victim are unable to defend himself and the public perception of this the cold blooded police murder is neutralized.

Hope such thing above won't happen. But if 15 years old (form 3) can be shoot 14 and less can become victim too.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ulu Selangor : BN wins Unofficial

PKR lost??? A slap on Anwar's face. Ignore Indians and you will lose the game. Probably the missing in action by Hindraf and call of Kg Buah Pala people to vote against PKR made BN win the by-election.

A lesson for PKR.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ulu Selangor : Orang Asli Stopped From Voting???

This is serious crime. Denying Malaysians their rights to vote must be condemned and the sad part is JHEOA is said to be involve in this.

Why are orang asli treated like "SLAVE" ??? Dont they are Merdeka too in this boleh land???

UMNO-BN have gone to such a low level until using gangster to win elections.

Kamalanathan I have no respect for you, even if you win this "buy-election".

Hulu Selangor : Indians Vote Wisely!!!

Dear Ulu Selangor Indians please vote wisely. Think ! and Think and Think!

Even BN-MIC candidate Kamalanathan denied a place in local universities, until he have to do twinning degree program with private college. Why? Because he is an Indian. Anybody can deny this???

If only he graduated from local universities or a JPA scholars, nobody will question his degree's validity. Why UMNO never offered him any places in 11 universities available in Malaysia.

This is the truth. Umno-BN denied 99% of places for Malaysian Indian in Malaysian universities. Indians..... rich, middle class, gov servant or poor have no other choice but to take out their own money to study in private colleges. We have to wipe out BN-UMNO if we want to see justice prevails in Malaysia.

Indians - think before you vote

P Dev Anand Pillai
Apr 23, 10

It looks as though it is going to be a tough fight ahead for Hulu Selangor in the next few days till the 25th . The usual taunts and screaming of profanities has now turned to pushing, throwing of water bottles and even stones. This just goes to show that society is not going to take a politician speak sitting down anymore. The Indians would have to think before they vote.

It may sound very nostalgic and patriotic whenever there is an invite that Indians must vote for Indians only but by doing so, are we creating a better society? Are we making the government realise that Indians too are Malaysian citizens who deserve to be treated with fairness and equality?

Indians should consider these few issues before casting their votes this coming Sunday.

i) Ask yourselves how many Indian parents would have spent close to RM300,000- RM500,000 to educate their children in the field of medicine in universities around the world. Why can't our local universities create more places for Indian students to pursue medicine in Malaysia as long as they have the results that qualifies them? Think before you vote.

ii) Ask yourselves why must Tamil schools keep begging for funds. Aren't we Malaysian citizens who have a legitimate right to education in our mother-tongue? Isn't it the duty of the government of the day to provide for these schools? Why must political parties keep begging? It is the duty of any elected government to provide education for its population irregardless of race or religion.

If this segregation is continued, unity amongst the races is only superficial. If your Malay brethren are sons of the soil, then what are you? Did you drop from the sky? Aren't your parents Malaysians? Aren't your grandparents Malaysian? If the Indonesian and Bangladeshi who came yesterday can be treated like a Malay because they are married to Malay women, how different are you who has three to four generations of family ties in this country? Think before you vote.

iii) Ask yourselves why Indians are not being promoted in the civil service? Are we happy just being, sweepers, attendants, labourers, clerks, drivers and gardeners instead of being supervisors, managers, director-generals, headmasters, chief police officers, military top brass and at least as the chief judge of the High Court? Where are we today in the civil service? Do we still have to beg? Think before you vote.

iv) Ask yourselves why must the MIC be tasked to help the Indians when we - as legitimate Malaysian citizens - should be treated fairly and equally under the federal constitution and thus be allowed to apply for whatever the federal government is duty-bound to give to all Malaysian citizens? Why must a political party be tasked to do that? Why can't the federal government just treat us equally? How inferior are you from the rest of the Malaysians? Think before you vote.

v) Ask yourselves why must you run from civil courts to the syariah courts to get permission to bury the dead whose religion has come into question? Ask yourselves when there is no evidence of a name change on the MyKad, no certificate of conversion, no traces of practicing the religion that the poor deceased is supposed to have converted into and yet your poor deceased gets buried at a different cemetery.

Ask yourselves why do you have to fight for the custody of your children when they are your flesh and blood and born as Hindus before an irresponsible spouse decides to convert them? Think before you vote.

vi) Ask yourselves why are Indian boys most prone to become new recruits in the underworld? Where has the education system gone wrong? Where are the brave Indian male headmasters who used to send shivers down the spine of students with their strict discipline standards? What has happened to the opportunities for these youths that used to be there a few decades ago when it came to jobs and starting of small businesses?

Why must these boys be happy only being lorry drivers and point-men for the underworld kingpins? Won't the vicious cycle continue when they beget children? Think before you vote.

vii) Ask yourselves why are Hindu temples being torn down when they have been here since the time when there was a Hindu civilisation in the Bujang Valley in Merbok, Sungai Petani, Kedah? Aren't the Sri Vijaya and Majapahit empires Hindu empires? Wasn't Parameswara a Hindu? Have you conveniently forgotten your history? Or has history been distorted? Think before you vote.

Vote for the person that wants to bring about change in the system that will treat you as equals and not as an inferior race that needs to beg all your life. Indians, please stop being beggars and start being an equal.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hulu Selangor : Who will get my vote???

If I am Ulu Selangor voter. I will definitely vote for ZAID.

Why?? not because he is from PKR but because his personality, capability and experience. His stand against ISA is really good point that all the voters of Ulu Selangor should consider. I believe he is the right candidate.

Why not Kamalanathan??? Well a few reason made me think he will be a tool of UMNO. A few things made me come to that conclusion:

1. He said the victory will be gift for najib. Means his intention only to please UMNO.

2. He openly support PERKASA. If tommorow PERKASA strike non-malays with racist agenda, Kamalanathan will support them blindly.

3. Kissing of hand shows the Master-SLave relation between MIC and UMNO. This goes very well with UMNO's slogan of "Ketuanan Melayu".

4. He might be lying about his education background. His degree might not be original because his name not found in university's web.

and many more. Kamalanathan is not sincere . He cannot serve the Ulu Selangor people. Kamal will only serve the UMNO masters.

I believe even Malay's will suffer if choose BN. Many Malay's kampungs too destroyed by UMNO's state gov before.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Tamil New year and Vasakhi!

Wishing all Tamils and Sikh in the world Happy New Year!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hulu Selangor : 12082 Indians Votes

Is PKR ready to solve all the Indian's critical problem??? If yes then those votes for you guys. Why don't start from Tamil school first. Grant land for all Tamil school in PKR states and winning Ulu Selangor is not a big problem.

Friday, March 26, 2010

PERKASA Musuh 'Bukan Melayu' : PERKASA is a Threat to Non Malays

Semua orang bukan melayu harus bersatu dibawah satu payung untuk melindungi hak-hak sah mereka yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan. Kedudukan orang bukan melayu (cina, india, iban, asli, kadazan dan semua yang lain) sebagai rakyat Malaysia semakin dicabar oleh UMNO dan 'NGO racist' barunya PERKASA.

Non-Malays from all over Malaysia , from all race must unite under one banner to protect their rightful rights under Malaysia's constitution. PERKASA-UMNO is a threat for non-malays. Nowdays their speech and statement makes me feel that they plan to wipe out non-malays from Malaysia.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Malaysian Indian Hindu Denied Identity Card

Malaysian indian hindu denied identity card by BN-UMNO. They are told to convert to Islam if they want an Identity card. The sad part is MIC mandores too told them to convert to Islam if they want their Malaysian Identity card (said Shanti) plus empty promises from En.Samy Velu. Watch video:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bkt Jalil Estate Resident vs MIC Mandores

Watch how BN-UMNO cheat estate workers through MIC mandores.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

UMNO Demolishes Indian Motorcycle Workshop

If this is an Indian (with parang and axe) sure he will be dead on the spot shot by 'licensed killer ' of Malaysia, guess who?.

Hmmm! poor Indians.... education opportunity denied, business opportunity denied, no job in private sector nor in gov sector. What they(gov) expect indians to do ???? Crime??? So that they can shoot as they want and reduce indian population.

....and I bet you this will not happen to illegal workshop run by a Malay and Chinese.

UMNO demolishes Indian motorcycle workshop, denied opportunity for proper workshop

UMNO DBKL personnel even carried a Parang and was screaming away in the demolishment exercise. He had to be pacified by a policeman (see picture below). Some 30 motorcycles were damaged with an estimated loss of RM 15,000. This happened at Air Panas Setapak on 9/3/10.

A police report at Setapak No.3018/10 was lodged but zero action would be taken by UMNO as this is a part of UMNO’s racist and supremacist agenda.

Why didn’t UMNO offer this Indian man an alternative business option as they would have done so for almost all other Malay Muslims. One Malay-sia ?


Chairman HRP Setiawangsa

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Anti-khalwat team annoys hotel guests in Terengganu

Why need to peep ??? Just fix a camera in all chalet room and make it exclusive for muslims only, and JHEAT can see everything from A-Z. Oppsss non-muslim can't comment on muslims. Sorry!!!

I just thought of going to Terengganu in coming holiday....looks like i must look for a chinese chalet to avoid such problem....or maybe just scrap the idea going to Terengganu.

(NST) - SETIU, TERENGGANU: Guests at the Penarik Inn here were flabbergasted by the actions of a group of men said to be from the state Religious Affairs Department (JHEAT) who conducted a raid yesterday morning.

Guests claimed they were rudely awakened at 2.25am by loud, incessant banging on their chalet doors.

Haniffah Mariati Mohamed, 55, said the men even threatened to break the door open when she told them to wait for her to put on her headgear (tudung).

"They went away after the door was opened and I told them I was staying at the chalet alone," she said, adding that they never showed any authority cards or warrants to conduct the raid despite claiming they were from JHEAT.

Haniffah was outraged when she saw one of the men peeping through a window about 20 minutes later.

"I screamed at the top of my lungs. It was very rude of them to peep into my room like that."

Chalet operator Mohd Baharudin Mohd Said, 63, said this was not the first such incident.

"They would normally come after midnight and question my guests without even informing me about their intentions.

"I have a register of all my guests and I would give them full cooperation if they had approached me first," he said, adding that he only came to know about the raid when some guests complained.

He said during the raid yesterday, a couple was taken away by the group and were only sent back at 6am after they proved that they were legally married.

"It was a harrowing experience for them. They checked out immediately and I don't know if they will ever stay at my chalet again."

Baharudin lodged a police report about the incident at the Penarik police station at 9am yesterday.

"I hope the authorities will look into this as it could hurt the state's reputation as a tourist destination."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Orang Asal Berdemo : The Real Bumiputra of Malaysia Protest

Some 2000 orang asli (aborigines of Malaysia) protested in Putrajaya and 12000 signed a memorandum to protest new land policy. Basically BN-UMNO gov not only had abused and marginalised the minority group but also the totally neglected the real 'bumiputra' of this land.

Monday, March 15, 2010

3 children victims of Detention/Restrictions Without Trial

Sincerely telling this definitely will not happen to a Malay boy or Chinese. It will only happen to an indians because they are weak and poor and can only happened under cruel gov like BN-UMNO or maybe PKR in future (this people too not bothered about Indians).

3 children victims of Detention/Restrictions Without Trial and Human Rights Violation. Who will be bothered? PR, BN, MPs, ADUNs, Anwar, Kit Siang, Hadi, Najib....?

3 children from Semenyih, aged between 15 and 17, who are supposed to sit for PMR and SPM examinations later this year were arrested and detained on Dec 21 last year on allegations of being a public nuisance and being in possession of a stolen vehicle.

The trio were held in several police stations for a total of 21 days until their remand period expired.

On Jan 10, an order under the Emergency (Public Order and Prevention of Crime) Ordinance 1969 to detain them for 60 days was issued and they were held at the Semenyih police station. The detention order expired on March 9.

Now the government uses the Restricted Residence Act 1933 on them, and they have all been slapped with a 2 year restricted residence order issued by the Home Minister. One was sent to Kawasan Linggi in Negeri Sembilan, one to Berangan in Seminyih ,and the third child was sent to Batang Berjuntai in Kuala Selangor. Another 21-year-old, who was detained under the same act yesterday, was sent to Kuala Lipis, Pahang.

What is wrong?
* These 3 children have been denied the right to defend themselves, and the right to a fair and open trial. They should have been properly charged and tried in court. If they are found guilty, then the court would have decided on the sentence - a suitable sentence, which may not even be a prison term.

What else is wrong? Well, I will discuss that in an upcoming post....

**Malaysia has ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and this covers the 3 children arrested on 21/12/2009.For the purposes of the Convention, a child means every human being below the age of eighteen years unless under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier. Therefore, Malaysia's treatment of these 3 children is not only a violation of human rights, but also this Convention.

Three teenagers are being detained without trial for 72 days, which includes time spent detained under the Emergency Ordinance 1969, and their family members are crying foul.

Accompanied by representatives of human rights group Suaram, the relatives of the detainees took their case to the Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) today, pleading for intervention.

"Please help me to bring back my son. He is a good boy and I want him to be successful in his studies," said M Gowri, 42, who was among the 15 relatives present.

According to Suaram's memorandum to Suhakam, the trio from Semenyih, aged between 15 and 17, are supposed to sit for PMR and SPM examinations later this year.

They were detained on Dec 21 last year on allegations of being a public nuisance and being in possession of a stolen vehicle.

The trio were held in several police stations for a total of 21 days until their remand period expired.

On Jan 10, an order under the Emergency (Public Order and Prevention of Crime) Ordinance 1969 to detain them for 60 days was issued and they were held at the Semenyih police station.

The detention order expires on March 9.

The family is now worried that their children would eventually be transferred to the notorious Simpang Renggam detention centre.

The two-page memorandum also urged the commission to take immediate action on the matter and appeal to the Home Ministry for their release.

The memorandum was handed to Suhakam commissioner N Siva Subramaniam.

Suhakam to appeal

Suaram director S Arutchelvan said the detentions were violations of Article 16 (1) and (11) of the Federal Constitution, Article 42 of the Child Act 2001 and Article 37 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

"We would like to urge the government to take immediate action and release the teenagers. They are supposed to be sitting for major examinations this year and the detention would affect their future," said Arutchelvan.

Addressing the family members and Suaram later, Siva Subramaniam hoped that the authorities would not place the teenagers in the Simpang Renggam detention centre, noting that it is a place where many "serious criminals" are being held.

“Placing them in the Henry Gurney school (in Malacca), would be a better option," he added.

The Simpang Renggam detention centre has often been criticised as a 'training school' for criminals because of the high concentration of hardcore criminals held there under the Emergency Ordinance.

The commissioner also promised to immediately submit a written appeal to the Home Affairs Ministry and locate the three detainees' school records.

Siva Subramaniam later turned his attention to discipline problems among youths which he felt had reached alarming proportions. He urged the police and NGOs to work together to combat this issue. - Malaysiakini, 2/3/2010, Three teens held under EO, family cries foul
The three minors who were held under the Emergency (Public Order and Prevention of Crime) Ordinance 1969 on Dec 21 last year, are now placed under yet another suppressive law, the Restricted Residence Act 1933.

The trio from Semenyih, aged between 15 and 17 were detained on Dec 21 last year for being in possession of a stolen vehicle as well as being public nuisances.

They were held in various police stations for 21 days, and then detained in Semenyih police station under the Emergency Ordinance for another 60 days.

The detention order expired on March 9 but the Home Ministry has now slapped the Restricted Residence Act on them which will last for two years.

They have been sent to Kawasan Linggi in Negeri Sembilan, Berangan in Seminyih and Batang Berjuntai in Kuala Selangor respectively.

Another 21-year-old, who was detained under the same act yesterday, was sent to Kuala Lipis, Pahang.

Suaram coordinator E Nalini said they only came to know about this case yesterday.

"We strongly condemn the home minister's order to place these cases under this unlawful act. It is wrong to detain them as it will restrict their movement and right to education," she added.

Nalini (right) gmi indonesian  embassy memo isa detainees 180108 e nalinialso informed Malaysiakini that an appeal letter will be sent to the Home Ministry, requesting the government to grant them a second chance as until now, the charges against the minors have not proven.

She also lamented the minors will be denied rights to an education as two of them will be placed in rural areas. They are aged between 15 and 17, and are supposed to sit for PMR and SPM examinations later this year.

charlesl hector interview 05052005 lookingHuman Rights lawyer, Charles Hector (left) said: "Placing the three minors under the Restricted Residence Act is not the right option.

"The government is breaching the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) by detaining minors and restricting their movement," he added.

He said there are other options whereas the minors can be released under certain conditions such as mandatory reporting to police station once a week.

"A better option would be to charge them in the court, not to detain them under these acts," he added.

The Restricted Residence Act 1933 is an archaic law used actively during the Communist Emergency of 1948-1960 to fight terrorism and deal with matters involving national security. - Malaysiakini, 12/3/2010, Minors now placed under restricted residence

Malaysia has ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and this covers the 3 children arrested on 21/12/2009.

For the purposes of the present Convention, a child means every human being below the age of eighteen years unless under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Malaysian Indian Under PKR : Kaum India Di Bawah PKR

Kaum India di bawah PKR akan terus merana walaupun PKR mengambil alih Putrajaya kelak. Inilah mesej yang disampaikan oleh pemimpin-pemimpin PKR melalui mandore mereka bernama Suresh.

Setelah meraih sokongan kaum India melalui Hindraf pada pilihanraya umum yang lepas, ternyata kini PKR tidak lagi mempedulikan kaum india dan sanggup menyatakan bahawa Hindraf dan HRP adalah pertubuhan haram.

Bayangkan dengan hanya 2 tahun berkuasa di empat negeri sahaja mereka boleh berkelakuan begini, apakah akan jadi jika mereka mengambil alih Putrajaya kelak???

Orang-orang India tetap akan tertindas seperti di bawah UMNO-BN.

Anwar sends Mandore

Wild allegation by Aide to Anwar Ibrahim R.Suresh Kumar (cryingvoices)

R.Suresh Kumar the aide of Anwar Ibrahim, the opposition leader who is going through sodomy trials in Malaysia has called the Human Rights Party as an ” Illegal organisation and Maybe a worst scenario than a Terrorist” in a rather one sided video produced by Malaysiakini [ ]. Human Rights Party at the other hand produced another video to explain its intentions in organising the protest in front of the PKR Headquarters which was not explained or said in the video produced by Malaysiakini.

HRP Party Pro-Tem Sec.General Mr.P.Uthayakumar has stated his dissatisfaction towards the online news portal, accusing them for acting similar to the Mainstream Medias, which is biased and one sided with their own political agendas. Anwar aide R.Suresh Kumar agreed that he was part of the demonstrators in the Nov 25,2007 Hindraf Rally, and now giving a shocking statement that HRP is an illegal Organisation, despite knowing that Hindraf was the main subject and factor that lead the Pakatan Rakyat to win overwhelmingly in the past March 08 GE.

The sense of appreciation was not there in his interview to Malaysiakini, which can be clearing seen in his defensive statement against the protest by HRP. The Motive of HRP in organising the protest is to defend the poor and helpless Indians, and in the frustration over hope that has been shattered and promises that has not been fulfilled by Pakatan Rakyat since even before the 08 General Election. The issues that has been brought are Tamil School land issues, Temple issues, Graveyard Land issues and rights of the Indians as promised by the Pakatan Rakyat Government. In the same video by Malaysiakini,

Anwar aide R.Suresh Kumar said that HRP has to have a discussion with the BN ruled State Government Chief Ministers before meeting the PR ruled state Chief Ministers but one new information in the Video is, Chief Minister of Johor Bahru which never been heard before, I hope that R.Suresh Kumar will explain his statement regarding the Johor Bahru Chief Minister.

Why must HRP need to speak to the Chief Ministers of the BN ruled states? People voted them out and replace the Government to Pakatan Rakyat in the “HOPE” that they will bring changes to the normal 50years marginalization and unfair system by UMNO/Barisan Nasional. The system has not changed since Pakatan took over the 3 states, instead the pattern can be seen in the administration of the Pakatan Rakyat Government too. Ego,Unfair, Ignorant and not transparent.

Why must be the Aide of Anwar Ibrahim, talk about the Barisan MP’s and he is justifying the act of the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, what Anwar and his alliances has to do with the Barisan Nasional Government? Any Hidden agendas? Secret and unknown future collabration?

Pakatan Rakyat top leaders must have been at least present there to discuss and treat the protesters with more cautious with respect, since HRP the child born from Hindraf, was one of the main influence to the victory of Pakatan Rakyat and to make Anwar Ibrahim as the Oppositon leader from no where. I think appointing R.Suresh Kumar as the representative or on behalf of Anwar Ibrahim to accept the Memorandum is an old technique used by the UMNO regime and it is the disastrous decision made by Anwar Ibrahim.

We are unsure of the role of P.Vasanthakumar’s presence in the protest against the protest by HRP. Pakatan Rakyat has lost the trust of the supporters due to the ala UMNO way of handling protesters in a disrespectful manner. In the times of critical turmoil within the party and its coalition, Pakatan Rakyat could have handle this protest in a more fragile and cautious manner. This is a critical time where people are confused and unsure of the genuine intentions of political parties in which Pakatan has to make every move cautiously, sincerely and with their promises fulfilled.

Friday, March 12, 2010


I am sure you all have heard of 'pick pocket'.
A new trend 'push pocket'.
Read on... for your own good

A few days ago a new type of crime has surfaced in town.
It goes something like this:-
Somebody slips a hand-phone into your pocket,
sometimes it could be just a wallet with
an identity card and a few ringgit.

A few minutes later, the 'owner' comes up
and confronts you, the 'thief '.
He makes a big commotion that you stole his stuff.

You, caught unaware, are then pulled aside by the
'owner' for a settlement. You are intimidated and threatened
that if you do not pay up the police will be brought in.
If you pay up, this 'owner' lets you go.
If not, the police are brought in.

Another strange thing is that there always seems
to be a 'witness' to your 'theft'.

I am told this often happens to foreigners at
the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
or even at LRT trains.
Given that you're 'guilty until proven innocent'
as far as the Malaysian police are concerned,
I understand some poor people are in jail for
these 'offences'.

At the KLIA, the 'owner' throws his hand-phone and
wallet with the few ringgit notes into the luggage
trolley of a just arrived passenger.
The drama unfolds a few minutes later.
The real culprit has easily convinced our Malaysian police
to arrest the real victim (if he has not paid up the 'settlement' demand).
This is a very serious matter.

This is another form of extortionists operating in broad daylight.
They are disgusting criminals who wi! ll do anything
to rob and steal. The sickening part of the whole
scenario is that unless you pay the 'quoted settlement' money,
they will put you in real trouble by calling the police..

The real culprit gets back his hand-phone
and wallet but the real victim ( i.e. could be any one of us)
is thrown into the police lock up and charged in court.

So do be very careful,
otherwise you may end up as a 'thief'
as you have no way to prove your innocence..

Pass it on.....
let more people be aware
of such things around them.

Geh Cheng Lok & Co,Advocates & Solicitors

Thursday, March 11, 2010

PERKASA : Ibrahim Ali Exposed

This guy formed PERKASA and pretending fighting for Malays rights. So racist and even telling that chinese planning to take over this country in next election. But Hahaha! Malaysia Today just exposed his background and link with Vincent Tan and Mahathir.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PKR Wakil Rakyat Pengecut : The coward MBs

Beberapa lagi wakil rakyat PKR keluar parti. Mereka ini semua adalah pengecut dan tak bermaruah. Mereka menjadi wakil rakyat melalui nama PKR. Rakyat pelbagai kaum mengundi mereka bukan kerana peribadi mereka tapi kerana PKR.

Orang-orang macam ini memang tak boleh dipercayai. Bayangkan jika negara dilanda peperangan atau bencana alam (masalah) adakah
"sipengecut-pengecut" ini semua akan keluar daripada negara??? atau menukar kerakyatan mereka??? Adakah mereka akan kata "saya keluar Malaysia kerana tak yakin dengan perjuangan rakyat???" Mereka-mereka inilah yang sepatutnya di rotan kerana menipu rakyat.

Pemimpin yang baik dan beretika tidak akan lari apabila menghadapi masalah. Jika parti ada masalah anda patut cari jalan menyelesaikannya bukan lari macam pengecut!!! Jika negara dilanda masalah andalah orang yang pertama patut didepan dan berkorban untuk negara, bukan lari menyembunyikan diri!!!

Orang-orang macam ini adalah pengecut dan tak layak menjadi pemimpin. Jika mereka tidak menerima rasuah, mereka patut melepaskan kerusi mereka.

Monday, March 1, 2010

RM100 for Indians and RM150 for Chinese

RM100 for Indians and RM150 for Chinese??? Why???

Because this is BN-UMNO gov policies:

UMNO-Malays = 1st class citizen
Chinese and non umno malays = 2nd class citizen
Indians = 3rd class citizen and the rest including orang asli is below that.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

PKR Betrayed Malaysian Indians

Just a few year in power PKR shows that they are no different from UMNO or I can say that they are worse than UMNO.

I personally felt that the way they handle indians issue is just as same as what UMNO did for past 50 years. The different is UMNO did it slowly for 50 years and PKR with in few years in power.

I still can hear around temples being demolish in states hold by PKR, no land for worship places, burial demolished, no help or little help for Tamil schools, poor people's houses being demolished and many more.

This shows PKR is not interested in Indians problem. What ever they are doing now is just to cover up and for show that they are doing something for Indians community. In reality the call of majority poor Indians is unheard.

Besides that blocking emails and refuse to meet up with Indians leader is certainly not a wise action, this shows that PKR too underestimate indians vote power. Their actions sending Malaysian Indians a message that PKR don't need Indians vote anymore.

PKR S’gor MB blocks HRP e-mails.

Our e-mails to this PKR Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, the Selangor Menteri Besar is being rejected with the remarks “rejected by recipient domain. As it stands this PKR Menteri Besar does not reply to our official letters and has refused to give us an appointment to meet him. This is also the case with the Chief Ministers of Penang and Kedah and the top leaders of PKR, DAP and PAS.

Instead he gets his Indian Exco Mandore to do the usual MIC style wayang kulit in the three Tamil press.

The writing on the wall is very clear. Like UMNO, the top leadership of PKR, DAP and PAS, their 82 MPs including their 11 Indian MPs are not interested in addressing even the critical Indian problems.

We have to bend for ourselves and fight for own battle against both PKR, DAP and PAS and also UMNO.


HRP Information Chief

Saturday, February 27, 2010

BN timbang terima ahli bersekutu : Direct BN membership

Some says its a brilliant idea to open membership for BN-UMNO pro group to join BN. Fine... it might be a brilliant idea and will boost up support / increase votes for BN.

But what the "illegal members" (ya thats what i call these people who join and yet play no role in BN except give vote for BN) get in return???

The open membership, rules suggest as follows:

1. Partial membership without any rights
2. Cannot contest in election
3. No top post, means no voice
4. And cannot contest for BN top post

So again I am asking what are these 'illegal members" get in return in joining BN-UMNO and what is their role in the union???

Will they get $$$$(business, gov project, etc) in return of votes given by their supporter ???


Whatever they do, BN-UMNO will make sure they gain 100% from this idea and voters will be the losers at the end.

Happy joining!!!

BN timbang terima ahli bersekutu

Feb 27, 10 7:06pm

BN dikatakan sedang memikirkan untuk meminda piagamnya bagi membolehkan parti politik yang mesra BN bergabung menjadi ahli bersekutunya.

Menurut sumber sebagai 'jalan tengah' parti mesra BN tidak akan diberi keahlian biasa tetapi keahlian bersekutu dan langkah ini dijangka disokong oleh semua pucuk pimpinan parti komponen BN.

"Jika kami membenarkan parti mesra BN sebagai ahli penuh (keahlian biasa), ini akan menimbulkan kemarahan parti komponen BN kerana sebahagian daripada parti tersebut adalah parti serpihan komponen BN.

"Tambahan pula, sekiranya mereka dilantik sebagai ahli penuh, BN terpaksa memperuntukkan kerusi untuk pilihan raya akan datang. Pada masa ini kami tidak melihat mana-mana parti komponen BN yang mahu menyerahkan kerusi untuk parti tersebut," kata sumber itu kepada Bernama hari ini.

BN telah menubuhkan satu jawatankuasa khusus diketuai naib presiden Umno Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein dan mengandungi wakil-wakil daripada setiap parti komponen BN untuk mengkaji perkara itu dan kaedah yang boleh digunapakai jika gabungan itu meneruskan pindaan.

Sebarang keputusan yang dibuat jawatankuasa ini harus dipersetujui pemimpin tertinggi BN dan mesti mendapat lampu hijau daripada semua parti komponen berdasarkan sistem konsensus seperti yang diamalkan oleh parti gabungan tertua negara itu.

BN terpaksa merombak sistemnya selepas prestasi suram pada pilihan raya umum 2008 apabila gabungan itu hilang empat negeri -- Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Perak dan Selangor - kepada pembangkang dan gagal untuk merampas kembali Kelantan daripada pembangkang.

Perak kembali di bawah pemerintahan BN selepas tiga ADUN pembangkang keluar parti dan memilih untuk menjadi ADUN bebas sambil berjanji untuk memberi sokongan mereka terhadap kerajaan gabungan, hampir setahun selepas pilihan raya umum.

Pilihan raya umum 2008 membuka mata BN bahawa parti itu memerlukan sokongan 'pihak lain' seperti parti politik sampingan dan pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) bagi membolehkan ia tetap relevan dalam lanskap politik negara.

Parti politik yang berminat untuk menyertai BN termasuk Barisan Progresif India (IPF), parti yang baru ditubuhkan Parti Makkal Sakti Malaysia, Kongres India Muslim Malaysia (Kimma). Beberapa NGO juga dijangka menyertai gabungan ini.

"Ia (keahlian BN) bukan dalam bentuk keahlian langsung. Apa yang kita pertimbangkan adalah selaku keahlian bersekutu. Tetapi mereka perlu memberi jaminan bahawa mereka menyokong kami. Dan mereka juga tidak dibenarkan bertanding dalam pilihan raya.

"Selain itu, ahli bersekutu ini tidak akan dibenarkan untuk menduduki Majlis Tertinggi BN. Terdapat beberapa pengiktirafan untuk ahli bersekutu ini tetapi bukan kerusi untuk bertanding atau kerusi untuk menduduki badan membuat keputusan tertinggi BN," kata setiausaha agung Pertubuhan Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Bersatu (Upko) Datuk Wilfred Madius Tangau.

Presiden MIC Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu pada Selasa mengisytiharkan MIC - parti India terbesar dalam negara, tidak menentang cadangan BN untuk membuka keahlian kepada individu, parti-parti politik dan NGO.

Beliau berkata parti itu akan membantu dan menyokong Perdana Menteri dan Pengerusi BN Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dalam usahanya memperkukuhkan gabungan itu.

"Cadangan untuk keahlian secara terus akan dibincangkan oleh semua komponen parti dalam semangat persaudaraan dan saling faham memahami," katanya dan menambah parti itu akan berbincang mengenai cadangan itu 'secara tertutup dan akan mengambil bahagian aktif dalam perbincangan apabila tiba masanya.'

"Pendirian rasmi MIC berhubung cadangan keahlian itu ialah kami tidak akan menolaknya pada bila-bila masa. Saya mahu perkara ini difahami dengan jelas oleh semua pihak," katanya.

Sementara itu, penganalisis politik Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria ketika dihubungi berkata BN harus mengemukakan garis panduan jelas mengenai perkara itu bagi memudahkan pihak yang berminat untuk menyertai gabungan tersebut.

"Saya difahamkan mereka sedang mendraf perubahan itu untuk piagam atau perlembagaan BN. Ia mesti jelas dan tidak harus ada kelemahan. Kita telah lihat banyak ahli melompat parti dan ia telah mendatangkan masalah.

"Jadi, ia sesuai sekiranya jawatankuasa BN yang dibentuk untuk perkara itu dapat memperincikan definisi jelas, siapa yang boleh dan tidak boleh menyertai parti. Antara persoalan panas - sesiapa yang meninggalkan gabungan dan menyertai pembangkang tetapi mahu kembali semula. Bagaimanakah mereka menangani kes sedemikian?

"Adakah mereka akan memutuskan berdasarkan kes demi kes? Jika memang demikian maka akan ada beberapa orang yang akan kecewa jika mereka tidak dibenarkan menyertai gabungan. Semua ini mesti diselesaikan," katanya.

Penganalisis politik Dr Sivamurugan Pandian, bagaimanapun percaya keanggotaan terus adalah lebih sesuai berbanding keahlian bersekutu kerana BN memerlukan semua bantuan bagi mengumpulkan semula sokongan yang hilang sejak lima tahun lepas.

Katanya tugas sekarang adalah untuk memikat pengundi yang telah terbahagi kepada tiga kategori.

Terdapat pengundi tradisional (penyokong kuat BN), pengundi mesra BN (mereka yang menyokong BN tetapi tidak mahu menyertai mana-mana parti komponen BN) dan penyokong atas pagar (mereka yang akan melihat isu yang dibawa BN juga parti pembangkang).

"Satu-satunya perkara adalah mereka perlu mengkaji isu adakah mereka bersedia untuk melepaskan kerusi dan isu sama ada NGO, jika diberi landasan politik, akan tetap dapat menjalankan tugas berkesan sebagai NGO.

"Sekiranya mereka diberi keahlian bersekutu atau status kelab, mereka akan. tetap rasa didiskriminasi kerana mereka tidak akan menikmati hak penuh (biasa) keahlian," katanya.

Sivamurugan juga menyatakan ini adalah apa yang dirasai oleh ahli-ahli kelab penyokong PAS selepas mereka merungut kenapa mereka tidak diberi sebarang kerusi untuk bertanding.

"Ada juga isu di mana mereka yang berada di belakang NGO mahu organisasi itu kekal sebagai NGO untuk menjadi penyemak dan pengimbang kepada parti politik," katanya.

"Isu lain bahawa beberapa parti politik mungkin tidak membenarkan kelab-kelab penyokong seperti yang ditubuhkan oleh SA Vigneswaran (bekas ketua pemuda MIC yang berhenti dari parti) dan T Murugiah (timbalan menteri dan bekas ketua pemuda Parti Progresif Penduduk yang dipecat dari parti) menyertai BN.

"Oleh itu BN perlu mengkaji sedalam-dalamnya mengenai cadangan ini dan mengemukakan penyelesaian sebelum memutuskan kaedah yang akan digunakan," katanya.

Sivamurugan percaya isu itu boleh diatasi jika semua pihak kembali kepada semangat pembentukan Parti Perikatan pada tahun 50-an iaitu saling berkompromi dan melakukan pengorbanan untuk memastikan pembentukan itu menjadi realiti.

- Bernama

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Isu tanah: 30 Orang Asli berdemo di Gombak

Another failure of ketuanan Melayu-Umno. These people have every rights as "Bumiputra" in this land and look how the non-malay bumiputra treated by UMNO-Gov. Will these people get their rights and justice??? Not till the BN-UMNO in power!

Isu tanah: 30 Orang Asli berdemo di Gombak

Salhan K Ahmad
Feb 24, 10
Sekumpulan 30 Orang Asli menyertai perhimpunan di depan Hospital Orang Asli Gombak tengah hari ini kerana membantah apa yang mereka dakwa salah guna kuasa oleh Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli (JHEOA), melibatkan layanan hospital seliaan jabatan itu.

Dalam satu petisyen berkaitan perkara itu, hospital di bawah seliaan jabatan berkenaan didakwa melakukan penganiayaan kepada masyarakat berkenaan.

Perhimpunan itu diketuai Sokyen Man, 40, yang mendakwa mewakili penduduk kampung tersebut. Mereka sebelum itu mengutip tandatangan penduduk kawasan penempatan Orang Asli di situ bagi menyokong petisyen tersebut.

Mereka turut membawa poster yang antaranya berbunyi "Akta 134 kami dicabul," "Mana ubat kami di kampung?," dan "Kami orang miskin di bumi sendiri tapi kami ada maruah dan bukan bodoh."

Kumpulan itu juga turut melaungkan slogan "Jangan rampas hak kami" dan juga "Bunuh kami dulu jika mahu tanah kami" ketika berdemonstrasi di hadapan hospital seliaan bahagian kesihatan dan perubatan JHEOA.

Menurut Sokyen, petisyen itu akan diserahkan kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, Sultan Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah dan juga kepada Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Ia juga akan dihantar kepada Pesuruhjaya Hak Asasi Orang Asli di Geneva, Menteri Kemajuan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal dan Menteri Kesihatan Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

Enam laporan polis

Dalam petisyen yang ditandatangani lebih 90 orang itu, mereka mendakwa berlaku penganiayaan terhadap kakitangan Orang Asli yang berkhidmat dengan jabatan tersebut.

Sokyen berkata, mereka membuat petisyen itu berdasarkan enam laporan polis yang dibuat sebelum ini oleh penduduk kampung terlibat.

Menurutnya, dua laporan polis yang dibuat pada Mac 2009 itu melibatkan kematian dua pesakit yang menerima rawatan di hospital Orang Asli di Gombak.

Selain itu, katanya, dua laporan lagi ialah mengenai dakwaan berlakunya ugutan terhadap pesakit yang membuat laporan polis mengenai kematian tersebut.

Turut ditimbulkan dalam petisyen berkenaan berhubung penjawatan oleh Orang Asli dalam JHEOA di bahagian kesihatan dan perubatan.

"Satu ketika dulu jawatan Orang Asli di bahagian kesihatan hampir 80 peratus, kini didominasi orang Melayu iaitu sebanyak 90 peratus, manakala Orang Asli hanya (tinggal) 10 peratus sahaja.

“Banyak syarat yang dikenakan untuk Orang Asli diterima masuk," petisyen setebal enam halaman itu dipetik.

Digelar 'hitam, jijik, kotor'

Petisyen itu turut mempertikaikan tindakan hospital itu memberi “layanan lebih baik” kepada masyarakat lain, sedangkan hospital itu dibina khas untuk keperluan Orang Asli.

"Walaupun Klinik 1Malaysia wujud, tetapi masyarakat bukan Orang Asli masih ramai yang datang dengan alasan senang letak kereta, selesa serta murah.

"Ada di antara kami yang terpaksa tinggal (ditempatkan) di hospital kerajaan lain (kerana) menerima cemuhan daripada kakitangan hospital (yang dikhaskan kepada Orang Asli). Ada yang memanggil kami 'asli', 'hitam', 'busuk', 'kotor', semasa di wad hospital.

"Ada yang seolah jijik memegang kami sewaktu mengambil suhu badan atau tekanan darah. Kami berasa asing di tanah bumi sendiri," menurut petisyen itu lagi.

Menurut Sokyen, kira-kira 2,000 Orang Asli mendiami kawasan sekitar Gombak. Masyarakat tersebut, tambahnya, bergantung kepada hospital berkenaan untuk mendapatkan rawatan.

Bercakap kepada media, Sokyen turut menimbulkan pemilikan tanah mereka - tanah kategori saka dan rayau - yang dikatakan tidak akan diberi milik kepada mereka selepas ini.

"Kami dapat maklumat ada dasar tanah baru yang akan digubal di parlimen. Dasar ini digubal dengan tidak mengambil kira Orang Asli dan dibantah oleh Orang Asli pada keseluruhannya.

"Apabila ia dikuatkuasakan kami akan hilang hak ke atas tanah saka dan juga tanah rayau kami," tambahnya.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

BN Will Lose 13th GE

Why I say so? Everybody knows it. Every where I go they talk about it. Every level of Malaysian society is frustrated about things that going on in Malaysia. Below is among the list why Barisan National will not make it in next general election:

Dr Mohd Khir Toyo's istana (palace) -
Stolen jet engines
VK Lingam tape
Death in MACC's hands
police abuse (Kugan and so many more)
The Perak illegal snatching
Altantuya Shaariibuu murder
The erasure of immigration records
Corruption in the judiciary
Dr Mahathir Mohamad's billionaire son
PM Najib's billionaire brother
poverty - GST- Petrol price- high living cost
Umno's racist games - pendatang and prostitute remarks- Cow head- churh burnt
The use of bumiputera quotas (NEP) to get rich
The Internal Security Act -
Neglecting the reall poor
Anwar sodomy trial
and many many more.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Malaysia has 22 new billionaires!

Yess 22 new billionares. But can they survey and publish the number of poorest in the country - those are really poor even without a basic needs of life??? Who cares...UMNO don't care and large part of Malaysian too don't. Everybody busy making money and enjoying life so they still support the racist and corrupt government again and again. Will there be change in next general election???

(Free Malaysia Today) - Social, political and economic mayhem aside, a “Malaysian Business” survey has revealed 22 new billionaires in Malaysia as at Jan 15 - eight more than last year.

Among the new billionaires are Datuk Seri Nazir Razak of CIMB Group, Lee Swee Eng of KNM Group, brothers Datuk Shahril Shamsuddin and Shahriman Shamsuddin of Sapura, and OSK Holdings’ Ong Leong Huat, who makes a comeback to the list after a one-year absence.

The survey revealed its list of Malaysia’s 40 richest people. The billionaires recorded an increase in their fortunes and are collectively worth RM156.7 billion as at Jan 15, or 63 per cent more than their worth (RM96.3 billion) a year ago, on the back of a recovery in the stock market.

However, according to the fortnightly magazine’s survey results released in a statement today, their combined wealth was still less than the RM171.9 billion recorded in 2008.

The benchmark FBM KLCI has risen 44.3 per cent since its last survey as the world strives to get back on its feet following the global financial crisis.

The full list of the 40 tycoons and details of their wealth were published in the magazine’s Feb 16 issue. As in the previous year, the wealth of the Top 40 was assessed based on the value of their stakes in listed companies as at Jan 15 this year.


Brother beaten up by reckless young Policemen

This is nothing new in Malaysia. We need to change the UMNO gov to reinstall law and order in Malaysia.

I hereby write this email to whomever it may concern regarding my frustrations and disbelief on how policemen conduct their duty and how they simply catch and accuse people of being criminals. This incident happened to my little brother.

By Syed Khairuzman Syed Zain

Date : 12hb Feb, 2010
Time : 10.15pm
Place : Star LRT Sentul Station

Complete details:

1) My brother, age 18, just finished his SPM last year. He was on his way back from Kuala Lumpur and rang my dad to pick him up at the Star LRT Sentul Station.

2) He arrived at the station at around 10pm and as usual, sat on the railing in front of the station by the roadside waiting for my dad to come.

3) As he was sitting and listening to music through his ear phones, suddenly a white van came up and stopped in front of him. Four men with normal clothes came out and approached my brother and immediately grabbed his arm.

4) He started to panic and began to struggle to break free while shouting and calling for help. He thought he was about to be kidnapped.

5) All four of those unknown men failed to show any police identity or prove to my brother that they were policemen.

6) Because of that, my brother continued to struggle. He was beaten up, dragged across the road into the white van and handcuffed.

7) Inside the van, he got beaten up like a dog, hit in the stomach and ribs, kicked, and his face sat on.

8) For your information, my brother is a member of the Police Cadets in his former secondary school. He was always ready to face unexpected situations like this, and therefore forced him to react in such a way.

9) My dad himself always advised him to stay alert and keep away from unknown strangers when he is out alone in the city, especially at night.

10) My brother thought that all four men that grabbed him were criminals or child kidnappers. Therefore, he was forced to struggle to break free, even inside the van.

11) My dad arrived at the Star station at around 10.15pm to find my brother wasn't there. He started to get worried and called my brother several times but there was no answer. Of course not, he was being handcuffed. As he begged for the men to answer his phone, they refused and continued to beat him up. My dad continued to call until finally one of the men picked up the phone and told my dad that my brother has been brought to the Sentul Police Station.

12) My dad immediately rushed to the station and found that my brother had been held captive with his face bruised, belt opened and shirt all torn up and barefooted.

13) The policemen introduced themselves (I will keep their names secret for now, they were quite young) and explained what happened.

14) My dad also explained the fact that he was waiting for his son at the station and was all worried.

15) One of the policemen even had the guts to say that they didn't beat my brother up, only dragged him into the van.

16) After my dad convinced the police that my brother was drug free (as they tried to get pee samples from him), he was set free.

17) Upon reaching home, my dad found out that my brother's body was all bruised. His face, ribs, shoulders, legs and feet were bruised and full of scratches. He felt tired and rested in pain. He couldn't sleep because of the trauma.

18) The next day (Saturday - 13hb Feb 2010), my dad took him to Poliklinik Central Dan Surgeri, Gombak. The doctors checked him and gave him the medication needed.

19) The cost for the medication was RM75.

20) My brother also lost his slippers, his shirt and jacket got all torn up, and his handphone damaged due to the struggle.

I am extremely frustrated by the policemen's actions which is very unprofessional, perhaps due to age and inexperience. They couldn't differentiate between normal school kids and real criminals. Furthermore, what disturbs me the most is that they didn't reveal and couldn't prove to my brother that they were the police. They should have approached my brother in the correct way, asking for his ID and informed him that they wanted to bring him to the police station for further investigation. Not simply come and grab him as though he was a criminal. In fact, many people were waiting in front of the LRT station for their parents or someone to come as usual. And it was only 10pm, not some unearthly hour in the morning. The trains were still operating and people were returning home from work. Nothing suspicious was going on and my brother was among other people waiting.

My father has written a letter to the head of the police department to claim the medical fees as well as the cost for all the damaged items, and also demand an apology from the policemen involved in beating up my brother. My father also explained in his letter informing the police to be more careful and professional when conducting their duty.

I have attached some photos of my brother's condition and forwarded this email to other online media as well as sharing this experience with my uncle who is a retired policeman - Datuk Zaini Bin Md Hashim (ACP SAC II) Bekas Ketua Polis Sabah who is also the Ketua Unit Pencegahan Dadah Bukit Aman. I feel that many young policemen are inexperienced and do just as they please without thinking rationally. They are a disgrace to the nation and the police society. I do not blame the police entirely, I am aware that they are doing their job. Just sometimes the way they handle these situations are simply unacceptable and ridiculous.

Your feedback will be much appreciated and I hope my email will be taken seriously as I wish to find some justice. This situation may happen again in future and many other innocent youngsters could suffer the same tragedy. Something must be done immediately.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ex-Malaysian on why he supports the PAP and is proud to be a Singaporean

No wonder thousands of Malaysians flees away from this land. Can we blame them for abandoning this beautiful country??? What is the point the malays screams loud "Ketuanan Melayu" when as a Tuan they can't even care and protect the Innocent??? Every where we turn stories like racism, killing innocent by police, crime, bribery and many more keep surfacing.

Ex-Malaysian on why he supports the PAP and is proud to be a Singaporean

February 15, 2010 by admin
Filed under Letters, Opinion

I was a Malaysian and became a Singaporean in 2001.

I am intrigued by the unflattering comments and articles on your portal about the Singapore government and how the country is run.

Being an ex-Malaysian, I am able to compare and contrast my life in Malaysia and now, in Singapore.

I feel so safe and happy living in Singapore. I had a good education and hold a good job in Singapore which I will probably not have had if I remained in Malaysia. I worked hard for what I have achieved thus far in Singapore.

4 things I am so afraid of about living in Malaysia are:

a) High crime rate:

The police are not able to contain the crime and citizens feel unsafe. Their homes broken into, ladies are snatched of their handbags in broad daylight, kidnaps and thefts are frequent. You can read about them on Malaysia Today, Malaysian Insider and the likes.

b) Corrupted government and its agencies alike, from top to bottom:

You can’t get anything done unless you pay a bribe. The public service is slow, inefficient and all you do is wait and wait.

c) Corrupted police who prey on innocent citizens:

They do not protect the citizens. Citizens are so scared of the police. Look at the almost 2,000 deaths in police custody and still counting. I read it from the news portal of Malaysia. Innocent citizens are locked up and beaten up for no apparent reasons, including Indonesians, China students and tourists.

d) Low education standards and admission to local Universities is not by merit:

You can see how/what the Malaysian cabinet ministers say daily and they almost contradict each other. They give the impression they are “fighting” against their own citizens daily.

I find the Singapore government clean, efficient, smart and with foresight and cares for the citizens. I am very happy living here and am proud to be a Singaporean. I feel safe to approach the Singapore police for help should the need arises and I feel confident that the police will help me. I can get things done from the public agencies in a systematic manner and there is law and order here.

It may be a good idea to ask those unhappy Singaporeans to live in Malaysia for a while to have a taste of what life is like over there. In fact, I posed this suggestion to a complaining taxi driver before and he said, “Of course, you cannot compare with Malaysia.” and went silent thereafter.

On my business trips all over, I feel so “at ease” the moment I touched down at Changi Airport. I feel so at home. I will miss Singapore if I was away for a long while.