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Ex-Malaysian on why he supports the PAP and is proud to be a Singaporean

No wonder thousands of Malaysians flees away from this land. Can we blame them for abandoning this beautiful country??? What is the point the malays screams loud "Ketuanan Melayu" when as a Tuan they can't even care and protect the Innocent??? Every where we turn stories like racism, killing innocent by police, crime, bribery and many more keep surfacing.

Ex-Malaysian on why he supports the PAP and is proud to be a Singaporean

February 15, 2010 by admin
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I was a Malaysian and became a Singaporean in 2001.

I am intrigued by the unflattering comments and articles on your portal about the Singapore government and how the country is run.

Being an ex-Malaysian, I am able to compare and contrast my life in Malaysia and now, in Singapore.

I feel so safe and happy living in Singapore. I had a good education and hold a good job in Singapore which I will probably not have had if I remained in Malaysia. I worked hard for what I have achieved thus far in Singapore.

4 things I am so afraid of about living in Malaysia are:

a) High crime rate:

The police are not able to contain the crime and citizens feel unsafe. Their homes broken into, ladies are snatched of their handbags in broad daylight, kidnaps and thefts are frequent. You can read about them on Malaysia Today, Malaysian Insider and the likes.

b) Corrupted government and its agencies alike, from top to bottom:

You can’t get anything done unless you pay a bribe. The public service is slow, inefficient and all you do is wait and wait.

c) Corrupted police who prey on innocent citizens:

They do not protect the citizens. Citizens are so scared of the police. Look at the almost 2,000 deaths in police custody and still counting. I read it from the news portal of Malaysia. Innocent citizens are locked up and beaten up for no apparent reasons, including Indonesians, China students and tourists.

d) Low education standards and admission to local Universities is not by merit:

You can see how/what the Malaysian cabinet ministers say daily and they almost contradict each other. They give the impression they are “fighting” against their own citizens daily.

I find the Singapore government clean, efficient, smart and with foresight and cares for the citizens. I am very happy living here and am proud to be a Singaporean. I feel safe to approach the Singapore police for help should the need arises and I feel confident that the police will help me. I can get things done from the public agencies in a systematic manner and there is law and order here.

It may be a good idea to ask those unhappy Singaporeans to live in Malaysia for a while to have a taste of what life is like over there. In fact, I posed this suggestion to a complaining taxi driver before and he said, “Of course, you cannot compare with Malaysia.” and went silent thereafter.

On my business trips all over, I feel so “at ease” the moment I touched down at Changi Airport. I feel so at home. I will miss Singapore if I was away for a long while.

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