Sunday, February 14, 2010


If i am not mistaken police force just got salary adjustment and increment... then why asking for bribe again??? Why still victimize poor Indians???

Trigger Happy Cops attack public again and this time they shot a lorry driver for not giving money demanded by them.
By S. Manikavasagam (MP Kapar)

S. Munisvaran, 25 a lorry driver who regularly drives from Karak to Westport delivering goods for export was beaten and shot on his lap by a traffic police officer somewhere near STAR CRUISE Terminal junction after he failed to give RM200.00 demanded by the officer.
While resting near Kemuning Toll (KESAS Expressway) at about 2.30am, Munisvaran was awakened by a Traffic Police Officer who demanded his identity card and driving license. Upon inspecting the vehicle the officer found the rear door wasn’t properly closed. Though the lorry was idle, the officer demanded RM 200.00 for not issuing any summons though Munisvaran requested him to issue the summons since he had less then RM50.00 with him then. The officer only returned Munisvaran’s identity card while confiscating his driving license.

The Traffic Police officer followed Munisvaran and his assistant who drove towards Westport. He was punched on his stomach and beaten when he stopped near Star Cruise Terminal junction (few kilometres before reaching Westport). A few minutes later the officer pulled out his gun and shot him on his left lap, where the bullet pass through (A Close Rank Shot).

Despite being injured, Munisvaran drove to Pandamaran Police Station to launch a report where he was arrested without any treatment for about 3 hours. Some few hours later the police also arrested Munisvaran’s assistant N Antharajah, 22 from his work place.
Why do police arrest Munisvaran and his assistant? The reason given, is that Munisvaran pullerd out the gun from police officer and shot himself.

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